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The essential guide to choosing the right curtains for every room

The essential guide to choosing the right curtains for every room

Hilleborg Room Darkening CURTAINS in Blue, $50/set of 2 panels,

Decor & Renovation

The essential guide to choosing the right curtains for every room

Essential elements of decor, window coverings can make or break the aesthetic in any space. Whether you’re opting for a look that’s grand and open or intimate and cozy, there are strategies to achieve the look you’re going for.

For adding width

If your window is narrow or you want to widen the look of your space, extend the curtain rod on either side
of the window so that the curtains cover an area 10 to 12 inches outside the frame. If that’s not possible due to certain constraints, such as a piece of furniture or a corner of the wall, you can opt for a Roman blind or even for a discreet curtain (voile, pale tone) which will help disguise the dimensions of the window.



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To give height

We tend to fix the curtain rod just above the window, but if you’re looking to make your walls seem higher, the rods should be placed flush with the ceiling. This creates more length for the drapery, which in turn allows windows to look larger and ceilings to soar, offering up a spacious, contemporary style.

If you’ve got architectural restrictions, such as mouldings, above your windows, try placing the rod halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling—staying as close as possible to the average between ceiling and window.


Getting the proper length

Curtains that aren’t long enough will have the same effect as a person wearing pants that are too short. Your drapes should be flush with the floor, no less. Measure the length from the floor to the ceiling or from the floor to the mid-height between the ceiling and the window to ensure your selections will be the right size.


Knotted-Tab Textured Sheer CURTAINS in White, from $35/panel,

Let the curtain length guide your room’s style


  1. If you want a contemporary look, the curtain should be right at floor level.
  2. In a more traditional interior, let the drapery trail half an inch on the floor to have a more natural break, add volume to the fabric and create a more rustic and romantic feel. The only drawback: dust and animal hair can accumulate quickly.
  3. Let the drapes pool on the floor by two inches or more to provide a chic and classic baroque style.

Need blackout curtains?

To promote sleep, select curtains or blinds that are opaque or equipped with a blackout lining. If you just want to shade the space without necessarily darkening it completely, you can use shutters or fine fabric blinds with adjustable horizontal slats that allow you to play with light and shadow.



Fridans Blackout Roller BLIND in White, from $38,


For the perfect finish

If you want to install a double set of drapes, look for a double rod, made specifically to hang curtains in the perfect position.

To give privacy without sacrificing light

Sheer curtains can let in natural light while creating privacy, but as soon as you turn on lights in the evening, your private cocoon goes out the, er, window. The best way to ensure a cozy retreat, including in the evening, is to use a solar roller shade. With their variable levels of opacity, solar roller shades provide the exact amount of seclusion you’re seeking and, when framed with decorative curtain panels, remain discreet.


To give functionality with form

Blinds are better suited than curtains to dress kitchen and bathroom windows, because they don’t get as dirty as fast. Blinds are well suited to spots with an unattractive view and for creating shade in humid rooms. They can be used to cover an entire window or only a fraction of it in places like bathrooms, which often have less natural light.



Ringblomma Roman BLIND in White/Green/Striped, from $40,

A note about fabrics and colours

The window coverings you choose are an important element of your decor. Delicate floral pat- terns, bold geometric prints and solid colours each influence your decorating schemes and particular aesthetics, so choose carefully.



Odessa CURTAINS in Pink, $49/set of 2 panels,


Curtains made of synthetic fabrics often boast the advantage of lasting longer than those made of linen or cotton, because the sun’s rays don’t alter them. On the other hand, organic textiles like linen and silk are much more sophisticated. And don’t forget, even though drapes and coloured blinds add personality to a room, white versions will let in the most amount light of natural light.




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Decor & Renovation

The essential guide to choosing the right curtains for every room