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17 best group Halloween costumes for 2015

17 best group Halloween costumes for 2015

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17 best group Halloween costumes for 2015

Executing a great group costume is the Halloween dream. Whether it's built around an inside joke or just celebrating something you and your friends or coworkers all love, putting together a plan for costumes that you can pull off as a group is a lot of fun from start to finish.

1. A league of their own: Honour a piece of women's baseball history with these retro costumes.
league of their own


2. Frozen: You'll make every kid you see very happy with this group costume.
frozen halloween costumes

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3. Minions: These no-sew costumes would be great for a group of mischievous coworkers.
minions halloween costume

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4. Crayons: This costume is perfect for a large group—after all, there are dozens of shades of crayons out there!
crayon costume

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5. Care Bears: Did you love this show as a kid? You can relive the ‘80s memories with these easy-to-make costumes: just pick your favourite bear, dress up in its colour, and make a sign for your belly.
carebear halloween costumes


6. Adventure time: The large cast on this show means plenty of fun, colourful costumes to choose from, for all ages.
adventure time halloween costume

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7. Sushi: These clever costumes are easy to put together with some colourful fabric and creative stuffing and folding—and best of all, work with a simple pair of black jeans and a white T-shirt.
sushi halloween costume

8. Scrabble: You can go simple and have everyone wear a “block” with their first initial, or add a whole other layer to your costume by spelling out a word and then dressing up as that word—like this zombie-loving group.
srabble halloween costume

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9. Pantone mimes: Do you love a pun? Do your friends love them just as much as you do? (Or at least tolerate yours?) Then we've got the perfect group costume for you. Let us know when you get it!
pantone mimes costume


10. Orange Is the New Black: There are plenty of male and female characters to choose from for your gang costume from this great show. Bonus: prison scrubs are pretty comfortable, as far as Halloween costumes go.
OITNB halloween costume


11. Night sky: This fun and easy costume is a great pick for an evening party. If you're really creative, make constellations on your shirts with glow-in-the-dark paint.
night sky costume

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12. Harry Potter: Harry Potter costumes will never get old—for kids or adults. Just try to avoid feuds if you and your buddies are sorted into different houses!
harry potter halloween costume

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13. Russian nesting dolls: Perfect for you and your girlfriends, you can DIY this one if you've got a buddy with some artistic talent.
russian nesting dolls costume

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14. Tetris: You'll want to wear these in a large space because some of those boxes take up a bit of room, but the fun of posing for pictures in these costumes might be worth it.
tetris halloween costume

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15. Inside out: A healthy dose of body paint is required to dress up as the five emotions ruling Riley in this hit Pixar movie, but your pop-culture cred will be very high.
inside out halloween costumes

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16. Clue characters: It was Miss Scarlet in the ballroom with the rope! Gather your group of six and use your imagination to dress up as Scarlet, Mr. White and the rest of the gang from the classic board game.
clue characters halloween costume


17. Dominoes: Here's a group costume you can easily put together at the last minute with black clothing, white bristol board and stick-on-velcro.
dominoes halloween costume


For more fun Halloween costumes, check out these couple costumes we love.


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17 best group Halloween costumes for 2015