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9 festive DIY packaging ideas for holiday treats

9 festive DIY packaging ideas for holiday treats

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9 festive DIY packaging ideas for holiday treats

Of course, it's what's inside that counts the most, but how much lovelier is the gift of a holiday treat when it's presented in one of these holiday DIY packages? Follow our easy step-by-step directions for nine different gift-wrap and gift-tag ideas.

Reindeer Bag
reindeer bag craft

1. Cut the sides out of a paper bag. (The bag will now lie flat.)

2. Using white paper, cut out 2 egg shapes, roughly 1 1/2 x 3/4 inches (4 x 2 cm) each, for the eyes.

3. Using black paper, cut out 2 ovals, roughly 1/2 x 1/4 inch (1 cm x 5 mm) each, for the pupils.

4. Using brown paper or corrugated cardboard, cut out 1 oval, roughly 2 1/2 x
1 1/4 inches (6 x 3 cm), for the nose.

5. Using hot glue affix a red pompom to the nose.

6. Using hot glue, affix the eyes to the nose, then affix the nose halfway up the bag.

7. Fill a cellophane bag (the same size as the paper bag) with "reindeer droppings."

8. Slide the cellophane bag inside the paper bag. Holding the tops of both bags together, fold down twice. Press the folds closed, using a drop of hot glue in the centre of the bag.

9. Hot-glue a twig to the back of each side of the bag (or inside the fold on each side) for the antlers.

Brownie Bag
brownie bag craft

1. Insert the brownie into a decorative paper cup. Cut a paper straw to the desired length; insert it as close to the centre as possible.

2. Place a 9- x 6-inch (23 x 15 cm) piece of cellophane on a work surface 1 long side facing you. Lay the brownie on its side with the bottom facing you, leaving 1 inch (2.5 cm) of cellophane at the bottom. Using double-sided tape, affix 1 short end of the cellophane to the seam of the cup. Roll up and affix the other short end with tape. Fold the underhang under the cup; affix to the bottom with tape. Gather the cellophane halfway up the straw;using tape, affix it to the straw.

3. Tie a bow around the top of the cellophane to secure.

Vintage Gift Tag
vintage gift tag craft

1. Cut vintage photos into gift-tag shapes of your choice. Using a glue stick, affix the pictures to coloured card stock; cut out shapes (Alternatively, print sepia-colour photographs on cream-colour card stock and cut into tags.)

2. Using a hole punch, make a hole at the end of each tag.

3. Thread ribbon through the hole.

Phyllo Cigar Cone
phyllo cigar cone

1. Cut an 8- to 10-inch (20 to 25 cm) square sheet of medium-weight decorative paper into a circle, then cut the circle into 3 equal wedges.

2. Working with 1 wedge at a time, hold the tip of the wedge and roll the paper into a cone. Secure using double-sided tape.

3. Line the cone with plastic wrap, if desired, and fill with phyllo cigars.

4. Decorate with ribbon and affix a gift tag.

Wood Veneer Gift Tag
wood veneer gift tag

1. Cut wood veneer (available from a hardware or building-supply store) into gift-tag shapes of your choice.

2. Using a hole punch, make a hole at the end of each tag. Thread ribbon through the hole.

3. Stamp a design onto the tags using white or metallic ink.

Cookie Tray
cookie tray craft

1. Place 3 cookies in a row on a piece of corrugated cardboard. Trace a rectangle around the cookies; cut along the outline.Trim both of the short ends to create rounded edges.

2. Cut cellophane into a rectangle wide enough to wrap around the cookies and long enough to leave a 1-inch (2.5 cm) overhang on each end of the row.

3. Affix 1 long side of the cellophane to the underside of the cardboard.

4. Place the cookies on top of the cardboard. Wrap the cellophane around the cookies; affix the other long side of the cellophane to the underside of the cardboard using double-sided tape.

5. Pinch the ends of the cellophane closed. Tie each end with ribbon or coloured wire.

Snowflake Tin
snowflake tin craft

1. Measure the diameter of your cookie tin.

2. Cut a sheet of paper into a circle that's 1 inch (2.5 cm) smaller than the
tin in diameter.

3. Spray paint the tin the desired colour (we used robin's egg blue).

4. While the tin is drying, fold the paper circle in half; fold the half-moon into thirds. Cut out shapes to make a snowflake design, then unfold the paper and flatten it out.

5. Lightly spray 1 side of the snowflake with spray adhesive. Let it dry for 1 minute.

6. While the snowflake is still a little tacky, carefully centre it on top of the lid, pressing to adhere.

7. Stipple the top of the lid with white paint. Let it dry completely.

8. Gently peel off the paper snowflake.

Truffle Box
truffle box craft

1. Cut the box templates out of heavy kraft paper or card stock.

2. To decorate, working on what will be the inside and outside walls, place double-sided tape, pinked double-sided tape or glue dots in the desired pattern.

3. Place silver leaf over the sticky areas (it will adhere immediately). Using a small paintbrush or sponge applicator, remove excess silver leaf. (Alternatively, cover with sparkles.)

4. Fold the boxes and, using double-sided tape, affix the tabs inside the appropriate folds.

5. Using the same kraft paper or card stock, cut out a 9- x 2 1/2-inch (23 x 5 cm) rectangle and place it in the bottom of the box.

6. Fill the box with truffles. Decorate with ribbon and ornaments of your choice.

Bonbon Cone
bonbon cone craft

1. Cut light- or medium-weight decorative paper into 8 1/2-inch (21 cm) squares.

2. Working with 1 square at a time, hold the bottom left corner and roll it into a cone. (You'll end up with a flap at the top.) Secure the flap using double-sided tape.

3. Line the cone with plastic wrap, if desired. Fill with bonbons.

4. Fold the top flap over and affix with double-sided tape.

5. Decorate with a ribbon or a cord and affix a gift tag.

For more fun packaging ideas, check out these DIY packaging gift tags for your holiday cookies.


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DIY & Crafts

9 festive DIY packaging ideas for holiday treats