DIY & Crafts

A collection of Christmas ornament crafts

A collection of Christmas ornament crafts

Author: Canadian Living

DIY & Crafts

A collection of Christmas ornament crafts

Nothing says Christmas like a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree, and nothing makes a Christmas tree shine more than homemade Christmas ornaments. Here's a collection of our favourite Christmas tree ornament crafts, including knitting and sewing projects and crafts for kids. Any one of them will find a treasured spot among your Christmas tree ornaments – or become a cherished part of a friend or family member's homemade ornament collection.

Make a copper wire holiday ornament
This pretty copper wire Christmas ornament makes the perfect gift - or decoration for your own tree.

Sewing project - Festive bird ornament
These festive felt bird decorations are fun and easy to make, and will make the perfect gift. For the FREE template and instructions, just click through our slideshow.

Vintage egg Christmas ornament
Make these pretty egg ornaments to spruce up your Christmas decor.

Christmas ornment craft: Whimsical paper pinecones
Here's an easy homemade Christmas ornament you can put together with your brood. This decoration will spruce up your tree – and it makes the perfect gift, too!

Painted ornaments
These Christmas ornaments are suitable for an afternoon with the kids, but make a good project for adults as well.

Santa ornament
A country-style ornament made from scraps of felt.

Knitted ornaments
Made plain or in stripes, these ball-shaped ornaments lend a crafty feel to the tree.

Personalized glass ornaments
This kid-friendly project uses craft-store supplies that you can personalize with your own keepsakes and mementoes.

Inuit ornaments
These Christmas ornaments, made of baker's clay, are inspired by the art of the people of Canada's North.

Family craft: Gingerbread ornaments
Get the family together to decorate the Christmas tree with gingerbread cookie ornaments.

Kids' craft: Santa ornaments
These cute ornaments are made of construction paper and give kids the chance to draw their own Santa faces.

Snowy pinecone ornament
These seasonal decorations can be made in minutes.

Glitter galaxy ornament
Dress up ordinary glass ball ornaments with glitter and glue.

Make a felt gingerbread man ornament
Unlike decorations made of real gingerbread, this gingerbread man ornament is made to last.

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DIY & Crafts

A collection of Christmas ornament crafts