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Canada Day DIY placemat

Canada Day DIY placemat

Canada Day DIY Placemat Image by: Sarah Gunn Author: Sarah Gunn

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Canada Day DIY placemat

Show your national pride with these party-perfect flag-inspired placemats.

You will need:

1/8-inch thick hardboard (available at home improvement stores)
One large and one small paintbrush 
White and red acrylic paints 
Painter's tape
Maple-leaf template (download ours at
Matte interior varnish (such as Ceramcoat)

To make:

1. Measure and trace 12- by 18-inch rectangles onto the hardboard. Using the handsaw, cut out the placemats. Smooth the edges with sandpaper. You can also have the board cut to size and sanded in store. 

2. Using the large paintbrush, apply one to three coats of white paint, or until paint is opaque. 

3. Once dry, draw a line five inches from each short end to demarcate the red stripes. Apply painter’s tape along the inside edge of each stripe. 

4. Trace the template onto the centre of each placemat. 

5. Paint the stripes and, using the smaller paintbrush, the maple leaves red. Remove the tape. 

6. Once dry, apply a coat of varnish all over and let dry. Happy Canada Day

Tip: Prop one placemat on a shelf for a rustic piece of art!

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DIY & Crafts

Canada Day DIY placemat