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Christmas angel

Christmas angel


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Christmas angel

Finished angel measures 26 x 21 cm (10-1/4 x 8-1/4 in).

You need:

Piece of unbleached factory cotton, 30 x 20 cm (11-7/8 x 7-7/8 in)
Piece of Christmas fabric, 60 x 25 cm (23-5/8 x 9-7/8 in)
Scrap of off-white lace, lace collar or doily, approx 20 cm (7-7/8 in) square
Matching thread
Beige embroidery floss
1 m green boucIé yarn
50 tiny pearls, 2.5 mm in diameter
Red rhinestone
Small sprig of artificial holly
Embroidery needle
Polyester fibrefill
Water-soluble fabric marker
Tracing paper

To make:

Click here for angel pattern.

Enlarge pattern as follows: On tracing paper, draw grid of horizontal and vertical lines 2.5 cm (1 in) apart. Each square on pattern grid equals a 2.5 cm square on paper. Draw each pattern line onto corresponding square on paper. Transfer any markings. (Seam allowance is included.)

1. From Christmas fabric, cut 2 rectangles, each 30 x 25 cm (11-7/8 x 9-7/8 in).

2. Place factory cotton right side up over tracing paper Pattern A and hold against window. With fabric marker, trace all design details indicated by broken lines (wings, head, facial features and arms). Reverse factory cotton and pattern (so wrong sides are up). Keeping drawn lines aligned, trace solid line around wings and arm.

3. In same manner, from Pattern B, trace broken lines to indicate placement of wing, arms and chin onto right side of one rectangle of print fabric (front). Reverse pattern and fabric. Keeping drawn lines aligned, trace solid line around body onto wrong side of fabric.

4. Referring to photo, stitch lace to right side of front rectangle of print fabric, overlapping placement line and body outline markings.

5. Pin wrong side of factory cotton to right side of front rectangle, aligning wing, chin and arm lines. Leaving 4 mm (approx 3/16-in) seam allowance, trim away excess factory cotton below lower edge of wing and arms and between arms and chin. Turn under seam allowance along wing, arm and chin edges. Slipstitch, leaving open between dots where indicated. Stuff arms firmly. Slipstitch opening closed. Topstitch along finger lines. Machine-stitch across top of right arm, around top of head and down left cheek, leaving open between dots. Stuff head. Slipstitch opening closed. Trim away print fabric behind wings.

6. With 2 strands of floss, embroider iris of each eye using closed buttonhole stitch. Outline eyes, nose, eyebrows and mouth using backstitch. Embroider 3 French knots for pupil in each eye.

7. With right sides together, pin angel front to remaining rectangle (back), easing puckers near stuffed areas. Stitch pieces together along angel outline, leaving open between dots on foot. Backstitch at both ends of stitching. Trim away excess fabric, leaving a 4 mm seam allowance (6 mm [1/4 in] between dots) outside stitching line. Clip seam allowance at corners and curves. Turn right side out.

8. Stuff wing firmly to thickness of 13 mm (1/2 in), flattening with palm of one hand as you stuff with the other. Pin along lower edge of wing. Ease stuffed wing under sewing machine presser foot, being careful not to pull front and back out of alignment. Topstitch each line of wing detail, always starting at head or body and stitching toward outer edge. Knot thread ends together in pairs then thread them into the stuffing.

9. Remove pins. Stuff head, body and feet firmly. Turn under 6 mm around foot opening and slipstitch closed. Topstitch feet lines. Sponge off any remaining fabric marker marks.

10. Necklace: Take 2 small stitches at X, string pearls onto thread and arrange around neckline. Take 2 small stitches at end of row to secure. Work back along strand, taking a tiny stitch between each pearl to hold strand in place. Sew rhinestones in place under necklace.

11. Stitch bouclé yarn to head, looping and twisting it between stitches to form curls. Stitch sprig of holly among curls.

12. To hang angel, sew small buttonhole loop at midpoint along back of wing approx 3.5 cm (1-3/8 in) below top edge. Angel should balance horizontally.


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Christmas angel