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DIY: A modern fabric laundry bag

DIY: A modern fabric laundry bag

Image: Donna Griffith

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DIY: A modern fabric laundry bag

If lugging a clunky laundry hamper around the house isn't your thing, you're not alone. Luckily, this space-saving DIY bag is easy to carry—and a breeze to make.

The pillowcase's cuff serves as a sleeve for the drawstring rope. The light-blue striped fabric adds more interest than plain white cotton.


• Iron-on transfer paper 
• Ink-jet printer 
• Printable laundry-symbols chart 
• Iron 
• Cotton pillowcase 
• Measuring tape 
• Tailor's chalk
• Scissors 
• Liquid seam sealant 
• 1/2-inch x 7-foot rope 
• Rope cutters 
• Twine


1. Following the transfer-paper manufacturer's directions, print the laundry-symbols chart onto the transfer paper. Iron the chart onto the front of the pillowcase, with the top of the chart parallel to the cuff.

2. Measure 1/2 inch from the right-side seam of the cuff, and use the tailor's chalk to mark the fabric on each side, halfway between the top and bottom of the cuff. Cut through the outer layer of fabric to make a 1-inch vertical slit at each marked point. (These are the openings for the drawstring.)

3. Apply a small amount of the seam sealant along the cut edges to prevent fraying. Let dry.

4. Feed the rope through the cuff to make a drawstring; cut the rope to the desired length for hanging and carrying. Next, wrap a generous length of twine around each end; secure tightly to prevent them from unravelling.


Dritz liquid seam sealant and Ashland rope, Printable laundry-symbols chart,

The laundry-symbols chart, a digital file purchased online and printed, is a helpful and stylish addition—a great example of utilitarian chic.



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DIY & Crafts

DIY: A modern fabric laundry bag