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DIY Felt envelope clutch

DIY Felt envelope clutch

DIY felt envelope clutch Image by: Ryan Brook Author: Aurelie Bryce

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DIY Felt envelope clutch

Stash your gift in a covetous little heathered felt envelope clutch you can turn out using minimal sewing skills – or none at all!

Felt is extremely easy to work with as the edges won't fray and the heavier gauge keeps its shape better than flimsier fabrics. Change the dimensions of your envelope to fit the gift to be nestled inside: this would make a perfect cover for an e-reader or a stylish sleeve for a laptop or tablet. A smaller sized version could easily stash cosmetics or jewelry. The reflective piping gives the bag a little edge that takes it from daytime gift-wrap to nighttime accessory.

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You Will Need:
- Heavy weight felt
- Sew-in piping (optional detail)
- 1 meter velvet ribbon
- Scissors, pins, coordinating thread, ruler, marker.

Here's How:
1. Cut your felt down into your desired dimensions –  (ours was 16 inches wide) the longer your rectangle, the deeper the pouch. And fold the bottom edge up ¾ from the top.
2. Sew the piping along the inside top edge of your envelope. 

3. Snip edges to align with sides of envelope.

4. Cut more piping to match the side measurements of the envelope. Insert between the two layers of felt (use pins to secure layers together if necessary.) 

5. Sew all three layers together on each side.

6. Your envelope should look like this. If you can't sew, simply use fabric glue to secure the sides together.

7. Use a ruler to find the middle of your envelope. Fold your ribbon in half with right sides facing out.

8. Sew a few stitches to the inner fold side of your ribbon to secure to the lower half of your envelope approximately 4 inches from the bottom edge. Make sure you sew through only the top layer of felt so that you don't sew the inside shut!

9. Fold the top flap down and use a ruler to mark where the ribbon should come through the top. Use scissors to snip a small slit horizontally through the felt.

10. Feed the ribbon ends through the slit in the top flap and tie a bow to close.

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DIY Felt envelope clutch