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DIY luggage gift tags and party lanyard

DIY luggage gift tags and party lanyard

Photography by Ryan Brook Image by: Photography by Ryan Brook Author: Canadian Living

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DIY luggage gift tags and party lanyard

A snipped of pretty paper transforms these easily crafted luggage tags from functional to festive in the blink of a holiday light. Add a meter of velvet ribbon to turn the tag into a VIP party lanyard!

You Will Need:
- Clear vinyl
- Gold grommets and grommet tool
- Hammer
- Scissors
- Gold metallic thread
- Decorative card stock or wrapping paper
- Velvet ribbon
- Tag template

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Here's How:
1. Print out your tag template and cut from clear vinyl. Fold your vinyl in half so that the straight edge aligns just under the rounded edge. You will need enough space at the top for your grommet.

2. Thread your sewing machine with glitter thread and sew up each side of the tag. Snip thread ends.

3. Use a grommet to determine where to cut a hole into your vinyl. Mark with a pencil.

4. Make a small hole where you made the grommet mark. Make the hole slightly smaller that the grommet.

5. Push the deeper half of the grommet through the hole and cover with the shallow half.

6. Use a grommet tool and a hammer to secure the grommet to the tag.

7. Here you can use pinking shears to cut a jagged decorative edge to your tag if you so desire.

8. Measure and cut a piece of pretty paper to fit inside the vinyl pocket. We used photo editing software to print a picture of the present's recipient sized to fit into the pocket back to back with the gold card stock. Fold your ribbon in half and feed the fold through the grommet.

9. Push the ribbon tail ends through the fold.

10. Pull the ribbon tails to secure the ribbon to the tag.

11. Use a permanent gold marker to further embellish your tag as desired.

Adorn your presents with easily identifiable gift tags that can be reused from year to year and pressed into service as the perfect party lanyards for invite-only events!

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DIY luggage gift tags and party lanyard