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DIY: Marble Easter Egg

DIY: Marble Easter Egg

Image by Maya Visnyei

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DIY: Marble Easter Egg

Learn how to make these sophisticated marble eggs and use them to decorate every room in your home this Easter.

Dolled up with nail polish, these fashion-forward marbleized Easter eggs are sure to contribute a manicured look to your holiday decor.



• Small disposable tray

• Rubber gloves

• 3 or 4 nail polishes in complementary colours

• Small disposable plate

• Disposable wooden chopstick or skewer

• 12 cooled hard-cooked eggs

• Paper towel


Image by Maya Visnyei


How To Make

1. Fill the tray with about an inch of water.

2. Wearing the gloves, remove the cap from one of the nail polishes; set it on the plate. Drizzle the nail polish into the water, allowing it to disperse for about 15 seconds. (Replace the cap to prevent the nail polish from drying out.) Repeat with a second colour.

3. Using the chopstick, gently swirl the nail polishes in the water to achieve a marble-like pattern.

Tip: If the nail polish starts to congeal in the water, remove clumps with the wooden chopstick.

4. Carefully place an egg in the tray; gently roll it around until it’s coated all over. Set it on a paper towel to dry.

5. Repeat with the remaining eggs, using different pairings of colours as desired.

6. Allow the eggs to dry overnight before displaying.

Tip: Group your creations in a shallow dish for an eye-catching tabletop display.





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DIY: Marble Easter Egg