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Dried bean and seed frame

Dried bean and seed frame

Author: Canadian Living

DIY & Crafts

Dried bean and seed frame

Excerpted from 20-Minute Crafts by Kathie Stull (Sterling/Chapelle, 2001).

Place a picture of yourself in one of these unique homemade frames for a colourful and fun Mother's Day gift.

You will need:
Acrylic paints:
&#8226 Blue
&#8226 Bright pink
&#8226 Dark lavender
&#8226 Green
&#8226 Light green
&#8226 Orange
&#8226 Pink
&#8226 Red
&#8226 White
&#8226 Yellow
Craft glue
Dried beans and seeds:
&#8226 Kidney beans
&#8226 Navy beans
&#8226 Pumpkin seeds
Gloss varnish
3 Pop-top lids
White gel pen
3 Wooden frames, 5" wide x 7" high

1. Sand frames until smooth. Blow off excess dust.

2. Paint one frame with red, one frame with blue, and one frame with dark lavender.

3. Paint the dried beans and seeds with bright pink, green, light green, orange, pink, white, and yellow as desired.

4. Apply a coat of varnish over frames, beans, and seeds.

5. Glue beans and seeds onto frames.

6. Using the end of the paintbrush handle, paint dots on blue frame with white.

7. Draw wavy lines around outside and inside edges of dark lavender frame with a white gel pen. Randomly add dots on frame and personalize as desired.

8. To make the hangers, glue one pop-top lid to back of each frame.

This project sponsored by: Delta Ceramcoatâ„¢: Acrylic Paints, Exterior/Interior Gloss Varnish.


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DIY & Crafts

Dried bean and seed frame