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Duvet cover

Duvet cover


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Duvet cover

Basic sewing techniques are all it takes to make this envelope-style duvet cover.

Determine finished cover size by measuring across-the-bed width and length of duvet.

You need:
• 2 coordinating medium-weight cotton prints. (Add 3 cm or 1-1/4 in to finished cover width and length measurements for seam allowance. You'll need 1 large rectangle of each print, each having total dimensions, for cover front and back; 1 small rectangle to match cover front, having same across-the-bed width and approx half the length of large rectangle; and two 13 cm/5-1/8-in wide strips to match cover back, each having same length as across-the-bed width of finished cover.)

• Matching or contrasting piping, optional (Determine measurement of entire outside edge of finished cover, then add 30.5 cm/12 in extra. You'll need piece of piping with this total length.)

• Approx 9 flat buttons, 25 mm in diameter

• Matching thread

• Yardstick and dressmaker's chalk pencil

To make:
Use 1.5 cm (5/8-in) seam allowance unless otherwise indicated.

1. On small rectangle, with pins, mark centre point of side edges and bottom edge. With yardstick and chalk pencil, draw line from pin at each side edge to pin at bottom edge. Cut out along line and discard corners.

2. For buttonhole band, press under 1.5 cm along 1 long edge of each strip. With right side of strip to wrong side of flap, pin long unpressed edge of 1 strip along bottom edge of flap from side edge to bottom point. Trim strip ends even with edges at side and bottom point. Stitch. Do not turn strip; leave in same position for next seam. Repeat with remaining strip and bottom edge of flap, stitching through first strip at bottom point. Trim seam allowance at bottom point. Fold strips along seam line; pin pressed edges to right side of flap and topstitch.

3. Centred on strip width, sew 1 buttonhole at bottom point and remainder at 25.5 to 30.5 cm (10- to 12-in) intervals along strip.

4. Press under 1.5 cm, then 1.5 cm again along top edge of cover front (large rectangle); topstitch.

5. With right sides up, side edges even and top edge of cover front 3 cm down from top edge of flap, pin flap to top of cover front. Baste together at side edges. Sew button under each buttonhole.

6. With edges even and using zipper foot and 1.3 cm (1/2-in) seam allowance, stitch piping to right side of cover back around edge if desired.

7. With right sides together, edges even, and using 1.5 cm seam allowance, and zipper foot if cover edges are piped, stitch cover flap/front to back around all four edges. Machine-zigzag or serge raw edges of seam allowance to bind. Turn right side out.

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Sewing instructions courtesy of the Singer Company of Canada.



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Duvet cover