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Easter craft: Paper Easter eggs

Easter craft: Paper Easter eggs

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Easter craft: Paper Easter eggs

Fun and easy crafts are always a great way to get excited for Easter. Get the whole family together to make these vibrant paper Easter eggs.

These colourful paper Easter eggs work well as party favours, place card holders or as a simple treat.


You need:

• 2 pieces scrap card stock (each approx 14 x 10 cm/ 5-1/2 x 4 inches)
• Light card stock or heavy scrapbooking paper (at least 21 x 28 cm/8-1/2 x 11 inches)*
• Ribbon and rickrack, or markers or other decorations as desired
• Pencil and scissors
• Glue tape, double-sided tape or white glue
*You will need 1 sheet per egg

Take a look at a larger image of the finished Easter egg craft.


To make (for each):

1. Fold one piece scrap card stock in half lengthwise. With pencil, draw half-egg shape, starting and ending at folded edge and keeping pencil line as close to open edges as possible. With scissors, cut along pencil line; discard scraps. Unfold card stock to make Template A.

2. Trace Template A onto second piece scrap card stock and cut out. Fold in half lengthwise. With scissors, cut horizontally in half by snipping three or four jagged lines in zigzag formation. Unfold to reveal Template B (top of egg) and Template C (bottom of egg).

3. With pencil, trace two of Template A and one each of templates B and C onto sheet of light card stock. Cut out. Set templates aside.

4. Apply glue tape along top edge of wrong side of top half-egg cutout. Aligning top edges carefully, affix to one full-egg cutout; press firmly. With scissors, trim away approx 1 cm (1/2 inch) all around edge of bottom half of affixed full-egg cutout, starting and ending at opposite sides of jagged line.

5. Repeat Step 4, using bottom half-egg and second full-egg cutouts, affixing bottoms and trimming away edge of top of full egg.

6. Use glue tape to adhere ribbon and rickrack as desired.

7. Fill bottom half-egg pocket with candy. To close, slide top half-egg pocket into bottom half-egg pocket.

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Easter craft: Paper Easter eggs