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Easy craft: Fluttery butterfly window decoration

Easy craft: Fluttery butterfly window decoration

Author: Canadian Living

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Easy craft: Fluttery butterfly window decoration

You need:
• Small suction cup (2.5 cm/1-inch diameter)
• Convex car mirror (approx. 10 cm/3¾-inch diameter)
• 45 cm (18-inch) length 20-gauge wire
• 40 clear seed beads
• Glass crystal beads (1 x 18 mm plain, 5 x 12 mm round faceted, 27 x 6 mm faceted)
• Needlenose pliers
• Monarch Butterfly ( see instructions here)
• Fishing line (4 lb strength)
• Small sharp scissors
• Low-temperature glue gun

Take a look at a more detailed image of the completed craft.

To make:

1. Remove hardware from suction cup. Using glue gun, attach back of suction cup to back of mirror. Set aside.

For butterfly body: Starting at one end of wire and using pliers, twist 1 cm (1/2 in) up into "U" shape. Thread single seed bead onto wire; pinch end to hold the bead securely. Add 12mm crystal bead, followed by a seed bead; continue alternating in this manner until body has three 12mm crystal beads and 4 seed beads in total. Add 18mm crystal bead for head. Finish with a single seed bead. Using pliers, bend wire back into "U" shape over last bead to prevent the beads from sliding, then bend wire to run beneath the beads, parallel to body.

3. Form third bend in wire (wire will form "Z" shape). Holding mirror in place, bend wire behind mirror toward suction cup. Secure wire by twisting around throat of suction cup; use pliers to tuck away wire ends.

4. Tie one seed bead to end of 20 cm (8-inch) length fishing line. Add a 12mm crystal bead, then add seed and 6 mm crystal beads, alternating, until 32 beads have been strung. Repeat with second length fishing wire to form strand of 26 beads. Tie strands to wire (see photo).

Slide butterfly between beads and surface of mirror to check positioning. (Butterfly should look as if it is flying onto mirror at a 45-degree angle.) Using glue gun, dab of glue on butterfly body, slip butterfly into place against body beads and hold in place till glue sets.

You might also want to make the monarch butterfly mobile or garden stake.

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DIY & Crafts

Easy craft: Fluttery butterfly window decoration