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Etched mirror centrepiece

Etched mirror centrepiece

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Etched mirror centrepiece

Sharon Sims of Sims Stencil Design used one of her own stencils, 803 Stars, to create a pretty border of etched stars on the back of a $2 flea market mirror.


1. Choose a mirror in the appropriate size to suit the size and shape of your table

2. Remove the mirror from its frame and turn wrong side up on a table protected with newsprint or plastic sheeting. Work in a well-ventilated area.

3. A mirror is made up of two coatings: a reflective coating and a protective painted backing. Remove the paint layer using RemovALL Multi-Purpose Paint Stripper (water-based spray) to expose the copper/silver finish.

4. Cover entire back of the mirror with clear, adhesive-backed material like MACtac. Trace the stencil with a fine, dark marker.

5. Using a sharp utility knife, cut out and remove the star pattern from the surface.

6. With a clean rag, dab a small amount of RemovALL Concrete Safe Etch into the pattern area, rubbing gently to remove the copper/silver layer from the surface until transparent.

7. When the mirror is place on a surface, the colour of the surface will show through the etched star pattern. To use as a framed mirror, paint or apply a plain or patterned piece of paper to the back of the mirror and cover with paper to protect the finish and the wall surface.

Find a detailed image of the etched mirror centrepiece here.

Note: The star stencil can be found at Sims Stencils. All other etching materials can be found at Home Hardware or other hardware stores.

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DIY & Crafts

Etched mirror centrepiece