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Feature craft: Make your own terrarium

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Feature craft: Make your own terrarium

Terrariums are (still!) all the rage when it comes to indoor greenery. Everyone can use a little more green in their life so instead of buying yours at a local retailer, customize it by making it yourself.

Looking for some inspiration? Mine comes from Liz Culotti and her friend Cailin Juniper, who decided to share their D.I.Y. terrarium project.

D.I.Y. terrarium

Here's what you'll need:

  • Vases in different shapes and sizes (From a local Goodwill.)
  • Rocks (Bought at the dollar store.)
  • Various plants and moss (Picked and purchased at PlantWorld.)

terrarium materials

Here's where to start:

  • First the crafty duo laid down a layer of rocks and put a layer of dirt on top.
  • Using the small ones first, the pair carefully put their plants of choice into the layer of dirt.
  • Then they put down moss all over and added more decorative rocks on top.
making a terrarium

Here's the gorgeous final results and some cute ways to display them:


Photography courtesy of Liz Culotti and Cailin Juniper

I also loved Liz's words of advice about terrariums: "I did one with a cactus but I wouldn't do it again because it was too hard to get everything in there without pricking myself!" For more detailed info check out this post on making a terrarium, this post on unique ways to customize your terrarium, or this video on how to make a lightbulb terrarium.

And tell us, how did you customize your own terrarium? Any tips for keeping your terrarium alive and well? We'd love to hear from you!


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DIY & Crafts

Feature craft: Make your own terrarium