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Fleecy boa

Fleecy boa


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Fleecy boa

You asked for it - you got it ! This boa was one of the most popular segments that appeared on "Canadian Living Television" in 1999. Jacqueline Sava of JACQ'S shares her step-by-step instructions.

You need:
Double-sided synthetic fleece, 150 cm wide as follows:
.80 m for adult-size boa
.60 m for child-size boa
Matching thread

Tip: For 2-colour boa, start with two different-colour fleece strips, each 150 x 40 cm (59 x 15-3/4 in) for adult size or 150 x 30 cm (59 x 11-7/8 in) for child size and omit step 1.

To make adult-size boa:
1. Cut fleece into 2 strips, each 150 x 40 cm (59 x 15-3/4 in).

2. Fold each strip in half so right sides are together and long edges are even; using 6 mm (1/4-in) seam allowance, machine-stitch or serge long edges together to form tube. Turn right side out.

3. Flatten each tube so seam is centred along top layer; aligning seams, lay one on top of the other. Pin, then machine-stitch all 4 layers together along centred seam.

4. Perpendicular to each folded edge, cut slits to within 4 cm (1-5/8 in) of seam, 2 cm (3/4-in) apart, to form loopy pile.

5. Twist and shake boa to fluff up loops.

To make child-size boa:
1. Cut fleece into 2 strips, each 150 x 30 cm (59 x 11-7/8 in).

2. Follow steps 2 through 5 for adult-size boa, cutting slits to within 2.5 cm (1 in) of seam.


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Fleecy boa