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Guest Post: Nadine's Star Garland

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Guest Post: Nadine's Star Garland


Today I'm happy to welcome Nadine back for a second guest post. As if the London resident doesn't already have enough snow, she created this fancy snowflake-and-star garland to decorate her home. Sweet and simple, it's another winner. Take it away, Nadine!

Our living room and dining room have an archway separating the two, and it was begging to be spruced up for the holidays as well. I decided to make a different garland than the mantle pom-pom garland.


For the snowflakes, I used two different die-cut snowflake shapes, cut with a die-cut press and some white card stock.


(Do not fret if you don’t have access to a die-cut press. Simply make snowflakes the old-fashioned way – put the kids to work. Mine were too busy playing Sims. Here are a few cool snowflake makin’ links:

For each star, I used two baby blue chenille stems. I bent each chenille stem into a triangle.


I took two triangles. I took one of the first triangle’s points, and I slid it under the second triangle’s side. At the same time, I took the second triangle’s adjacent point and slid it over the first triangle’s adjacent side.


Make sense?


I then strung the snowflakes and stars on some twine...


and draped them over the archway with invisible tape which can’t be great for the paint, but I will worry about that after the holidays when it’s time to take it down. It’s how I roll.


Happy holidays!

Nadine Reeves (one half of Balkan Style)

Thanks, Nadine!


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Guest Post: Nadine's Star Garland