DIY & Crafts

Halloween crafts: costumes, invitations, goody bags and more

Halloween crafts: costumes, invitations, goody bags and more

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DIY & Crafts

Halloween crafts: costumes, invitations, goody bags and more

October is already here, and with Thanksgiving over, we'll soon be all about Halloween. Check out some of our best Halloween crafts and learn how to make a quick and easy shooting star, geisha, pirate and even a french toast costume for the kids (PLUS more!)

You'll also learn how to carve that perfect pumpkin or scare the pants off your guests with the spookiest Halloween decorations and props at this year's party.

Costumes for the kids
• Halloween costumes for less

Fast and inexpensive costume ideas from our readers.
• Shooting star costume
Your child will shine in this unique costume.
• Geisha costume
You can make this pretty costume in just one day.
• Mini pirate costume
Try this quick and easy no-sew costume.
• Cinnamon toast costume
Get your friends to dress up as toppings and masquerade as a sandwich!
• Bat costume
Create a spooky bat costume for your little one.
• Baby jester costume
This cute costume is guaranteed to make you smile.
• Baby ladybug costume
Try this quick and cute no-sew costume.
• Halloween craft: Lordly lion mask
Prowl around as the king of beasts and have a roaring good time on Halloween.
• Frightful and fun
Easy Halloween costumes you can make at home.

Spooky Halloween home décor
• Masked Ball: Dessert Party
Create a spooky setting to host an elegant masked ball that features devilish desserts.
• The Enchanted House
Transform your entranceway into a Halloween showcase with these spirited decorating ideas.
• Nightmare Theater
Throw a Halloween puppet show to spook your friends.
• Witches in the window
Kids will love making harum scarum witch hat decorations.
• Scare up a treat
Make a spooky party favour in minutes.
• Ghoulish Greetings
Spook your trick-or-treaters with these haunting halloween decorations.
• Halloween magnets
Decorate the fridge with easy-to-make magnetic designs.
• Shifty-Eye
Hubbard Squash and a few twigs are all you need to create these creepy creatures.
• Invisible man
Shock your friends silly with this surprise party guest.
• Halloween décor
Create charming hanging lanterns from squash.

Page 1 of 2Pumpkin carving
• Joyous jack-o-lanterns

Our Web guide to free pumpkin-carving patterns, tips and techniques.
• Make a pretty pumpkin
Turn inexpensive vinyl ducting into a creative Halloween decoration that's easy to make.
• In the boneyard
Use a few pumpkins to create this scary skeleton jack-o-lantern.
• Digital crafts: Jack-o'-lantern templates
Get creative carving inspiration with templates to print out.
• Carve the perfect pumpkin
Sculpt a spooky pumpkin with these tips.
• Faux Pineapple Finials
For unique jack-o-lanterns, use pumpkins to create pretty pineapple finials.
• Mr. Turnip Head
No pumpkins left in the patch? This last-minute Halloween project has similarly spooky results.

Party paraphernalia
• Digital craft: Spooky Halloween invitations

Lure your friends to a pumpkin-carving party.
• Halloween goody bags
Receiving Halloween sweets in these goody bags is a treat in itself!

Crafts with the kids
• Magic potion

An easy science experiment to do with the kids.
• Halloween trick or treat bag
Help your kids to make personalized goodie bags.
• Colour me scared
Turn a basic tote into a screamingly fun Halloween kids' craft.
• 10 face-painting pointers PLUS 3 simple looks to try
A professional clown shares tips for painting fa-boo-lous Halloween faces.

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DIY & Crafts

Halloween crafts: costumes, invitations, goody bags and more