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Holiday craft: Step-by-step photo recipe cards

Holiday craft: Step-by-step photo recipe cards

Author: Canadian Living

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Holiday craft: Step-by-step photo recipe cards

Take a picture, it'll last longer...
Add an extra treat to your homemade cookie gifts this year by including step-by-step photos and recipe cards you can print out on a photo printer. Justin Lam, marketing manager from Canon, and his wife, Amy, print out their snappy gingerbread cookie recipe photo on the Canon PIXMA iP8500 printer. "It's crisp, fast, and easy to use," says Justin.

Here's how to create and print your own recipe cards for the holidays.

1. Take pictures of the finished product, and step-by-step photos, if you like. Download to your computer using a USB or CD.

2. Open Word on your computer. Using the Page Setup (File – Page Setup) from the menu bar, set your page size at 4 x 6 or 5 x 7. Ensure that your margin sizing is smaller for this size of card.

3. Add a border first, if desired. This will help determine how to fit in your text and images. Type in your recipe text. Leave a space for your image(s).

4. To add your image(s), use the menu bar to click Insert – Picture – From File. Find your image. Click Insert. The image will open much larger than it should be, and will alter your text alignment. Right click on the image. Click on Format Picture. In this window, click on Size and use inches or percentages to downsize the image. Ensure that Lock Aspect Ratio has a check in the box if you want your image to remain the same proportion.

5. Click on the Position button and check the box that says float over text. Click on the Wrapping button and click on the style you like. Click OK button to complete the image formatting.

6. Click on the image and drag it to an appropriate space. Ensure that you click on Print Preview to check that all elements of your card are within the printable margins.

7. Repeat any of the Page Setup, Border or Picture Formatting to get your card to meet your needs. Print, using 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 photo paper, on your photo printer.

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DIY & Crafts

Holiday craft: Step-by-step photo recipe cards