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How to craft a pirate costume and matching treat bag

How to craft a pirate costume and matching treat bag

Photography by Nancy Falconi Image by: Photography by Nancy Falconi Author: Canadian Living

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How to craft a pirate costume and matching treat bag

Ahoy mateys! Set sail in style with this fierce pirate costume. Complete with an eyepatch and traditional skull and cross bones, this quick and easy craft is perfect for Halloween, dress-up, or any occasion that calls for high-seas hijinks. Before you grab your parrot and hit the waters, follow these steps for how to make this pirate mask and skull treat bag to make sure you're in perfect pirate style.

Pirate mask

You need:
Harlequin (half) face mask*
• Acrylic paint or markers (in desired colours)
• Feathers, plastic beads, glitter, pipe cleaners and stickers
• Stick-on glitter foam decorations, jewels or sequins
• Paper, construction paper, card stock, cardboard or foil
• Yarn, string or elastic thread
• Scissors and needle
• Pencil, eraser and ruler
• Masking tape, craft glue or glue stick
*Available at art supply stores

Take a look at a larger image of this fierce pirate mask.

To make
1. For bandana, use pencil to draw downward curve across mask, 1 cm (1/2 inch) above eyes. For eye patch, draw second line across mask, 1 cm (1/2 inch) below line for bandana; draw patch around one eye. Paint area above bandana line red, then paint eye patch and line black 2 (see photo, linked above). Let paint dry.

To make earring, cut out cardboard circle approx 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter; cut out 1.5 cm diameter circle from centre to make ring. Cover with foil, affixing with glue stick on wrong side. Use needle to pierce earring, and thread with black elastic thread; attach opposite end to existing side hole in mask.

To make nose ring, pierce side of nose with needle; thread through loop of gold elastic thread, affixing ends on inside of mask with masking tape.

Page 1 of 2 -- Make a matching treat bag to hold all your treasure with the instructions on page 2
Pirate treat bag
You need:

Plain pillowcase
Fabric scraps, felt or adhesive-backed felt
• Ribbon, rope, cord or yarn
• Assorted trims (lace, netting or cord)
• Stick-on glittered foam decorations, jewels or sequins
• Thin cardboard or card stock, paper, paper towel roll
• Felt-tip markers or fabric paint
• Aluminum and gold foil
• Assorted stickers
• Glitter
• Needle and thread or embroidery floss
• Scissors, ruler, pencil and compass
• Glue, clear or packing tape or glue gun

Take a peek at a larger image of this treasure-toting bag.

To make:

1. For drawstring: From red felt, cut four 6.5 x 7.5 cm (2-1/2 x 3 inch) rectangles. Working with open end of pillowcase, measure and mark faint line 6.5 cm (2-1/2 inch) from edge. Place 2 felt rectangles, evenly spaced (see photo, above), on each side of pillowcase, aligning top edge of rectangle with pencil line. Pin felt to pillowcase; stitch across long ends of rectangles. Cut length of yellow rope for handle and feed through felt tubes; tie rope with overhand knot.

2. For skull-and-crossbones graphic: Print skull-and-crossbones template on paper or card stock and cut out. Trace templates onto wrong side of felt (or pin securely) and cut out. Position skull-and-crossbones pieces on pillowcase as desired; lightly mark placement with pencil. If using self-adhesive felt, remove paper backing and stick felt to pillowcase. Or, pin felt pieces to pillowcase and stitch by hand.

3. For gold coins: With pencil and compass, draw four 5 cm (2-inch) diameter circles on card stock or cardboard; cut out. Draw eight 5 cm (2-inch) circles on wrong side of gold foil; cut out. With glue, affix 1 gold circle to each side of the 4 cardboard "coins." With heavy-duty needle, pierce hole in each coin. Cut two 30 cm (12-inch) pieces yarn; thread each through felt sleeve on right side of pillowcase. Tie one coin onto each end of each piece of yarn.

This story was originally titled "Easy-to-Make Halloween Costumes" in the November 2009 issue.

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DIY & Crafts

How to craft a pirate costume and matching treat bag