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How to hem a store-bought curtain

How to hem a store-bought curtain

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How to hem a store-bought curtain

Step 1
Determine the new length for your drapes and mark it with a pin. Make sure the panel is a consistent length across the whole width. Tip: Instead of "puddling," the current fashion is for drapes to just touch the floor.
hem curtain step 1

Step 2

Un-hem the panels and partially open the bottom of each side hem to release the lining. Save the weights.
hem curtains step 2

Step 3

Using an iron, press the panel to remove the fold lines from the original hem.
hem curtains step 3

Step 4

Measure up from the raw bottom edge to the pin marking the new length. With pins, mark this distance at six more points across the width of the panel.
hem curtains step 4

Step 5

Fold along the pin-marked line and press. Remove the pins.
hem curtains step 5

Step 6

Measure from the fold line 8 inches toward the raw bottom. Mark at six points across the width, then with a straight edge and tailor's chalk or pencil, mark a cutting line.
hem curtains step 6

Step 7

Using scissors, cut away the excess along this 8-inch line.
hem curtains step 7

Step 8

Fold the wrong sides together to create a single 4-inch hem. Press.
hem curtains step 8

Step 9

Fold again to create a double 4-inch hem. Press, then pin to secure.
how to hem curtains

Step 10

Sew by hand or with a machine, using a flat running stitch or blind hem.
how to hem curtains

Step 11

Hem the lining to be several inches shorter than the drape. Tuck the lining inside the turned side hem. Press. Repeat with the other side hem. Pin to secure.
hem curtains

Step 12

Stitch the side hems and insert the weights. Stitch the bottom opening closed.
hem curtains final step

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How to hem a store-bought curtain