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How to make a Halloween mask

How to make a Halloween mask

Author: Canadian Living

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How to make a Halloween mask

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You need:

Harlequin (half) face mask*
Markers and/or acrylic paint (in desired colours)
Paper, construction paper, card stock and/or foil
Glitter, plastic beads, feathers, corks, pipe cleaners, stickers
Stick-on glitter foam decorations, jewels or sequins
Yarn, string or elastic thread
Pencil and eraser
Needle and thread
Craft glue and masking tape

*Available at art supply stores.

Purple princess mask:
1. With pencil, draw vertical line along centre of mask. Pencil in feathery eyelashes around the eyes. Paint one side of mask light purple; paint opposite side dark purple. When first coat of paint is dry, paint on eyelashes, following original pencil lines and using contrasting paint colours.

For crown: Trace outline of top part of mask onto cardstock; draw nine spikes. Cut out and paint or colour crown as desired. Position crown and glue to wrong side of mask.

Add purple feathers to accentuate crown; embellish painted areas of mask with gold stickers.

See a larger image of the purple princess mask here!

Swamp monster mask:
1. Paint mask bright yellow; let dry. Draw an oval around each eye; paint area inside ovals grey. Cut two 6 cm (2.5 in) lengths chunky green yarn; glue 1 each from inner corner of eye, along angle of nose, to bottom edge of mask.

2. For "studs": Using grey paint, paint two small corks all over; let dry. Using heavy-duty sewing needle or thin metal skewer, pierce hole horizontally at narrow end of cork. Referring to photograph for placement, place corks on mask; use needle to pierce hole on either side of each cork. Using needle and heavy-duty thread, "sew" corks to mask.

For scar:
With pencil, draw faint line on mask and crosshatch as desired. Using needle and black thread, stitch along drawn lines, knotting thread on wrong side and securing with small piece of masking tape.

For hair: Cut six 15 cm (6 in) strands of assorted green yarn; tie strands in centre with overhand knot; using needle and thread, sew to centre top of mask.

See a larger image of the swamp monster mask here!

Designer's notes:
- Allow time for base coat of paint to dry fully before you add small painted or stick-on details.

- To save time and materials, do a test run of your design. Trace your mask (including eyeholes) onto a piece of blank paper, then arrange your decorations on the traced mask. When you’re satisfied with the design, you can get out the glue without worrying whether or not everything will fit onto your mask.

- If the mask is to be the "finishing touch," for a costume you already own, let your costume inspire the colours and decorations that you use.

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DIY & Crafts

How to make a Halloween mask