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How to make a personalized journal

How to make a personalized journal

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DIY & Crafts

How to make a personalized journal

Gifts you make yourself are treasured by the recipients. Who wouldn't love to get a personalized journal to record their thoughts, jot down a poem or even get practical with a to-do list? Bonus: They're easy to make!

You need:
• Paperback or hardcover journal
• Square of fabric or coloured paper
• 2 lengths 5 mm (1/4 inch) diameter ribbon
• Monogrammed letters
• Clear gemstones or flat beads
• Scissors, pencil, ruler, craft glue

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To make:
Measure front, spine, back and inside covers of journal, adding .5 cm to all measurements.

2. Cut fabric or coloured paper to specifications. Wrap around journal, folding to inside covers.

At top and bottom, mark and cut two 5 mm slits at each side of journal spine. Fold and glue slit pieces down inside spine. Let dry.

Cut one length of ribbon 5 cm (2 inches) shorter than length of book. As marker, glue one end of ribbon inside spine.

Fold and glue fabric along book edges and glue to inside covers, trimming fabric if necessary. Let dry.

6. Position and glue monogrammed letters onto journal. Wrap remaining length of ribbon around journal; tie into bow, trimming ends.

7. Using craft glue, attach gemstones or beads as desired.

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DIY & Crafts

How to make a personalized journal