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How to paint furniture

How to paint furniture

How to paint furniture Author: Sarah Gunn

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How to paint furniture

Painting wood furniture can seem intimidating, but it only takes a few simple steps to give a dated piece a fresh look. This bedside table was purchased for $45 at a local hotel furniture liquidation centre. The lines and proportions were perfect, but the dark wood finish did not fit with the room's light airy feel. A few easy steps and an inexpensive makeover is complete.

You will need:

- Sand paper
- Wet cloth
- Mini high-density foam rollers
- Good quality paintbrushes
- Primer
- Small paint trays
- Benjamin Moore Advance paint in pearl or semi-gloss

paint furniture

To make:

- Lightly sand the table to remove any sheen, then wipe the entire surface with a wet cloth.

- Remove drawers to paint separately. Remove all hardware or wrap in painter's tape.

- Elevate table legs by placing each one on a small wood block.

- Apply a light coat of primer to the entire piece using a paintbrush for corners and a foam roller for all flat surfaces.

- When dry (typically 24 hours) apply a light coat of paint to the entire surface, again with a paintbrush and foam roller.

- Apply two or three additional coats of paint, waiting at least three hours between each coat.

- Allow the final coat to dry for at least 24 hours before placing items on any flat surfaces.

- Optional: When the final coat is dry, apply a coat of water-based protectant.

Tip: When selecting a paint finish for used or vintage pieces, avoid high-gloss paint. It should only be used on very smooth surfaces as it's reflective and shows imperfections easily.


paint furniture

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DIY & Crafts

How to paint furniture