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How to sew a heart pin cushion

How to sew a heart pin cushion


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How to sew a heart pin cushion

Finished dimensions: 4 1/2" tall x 5" wide

Four 6" squares of quilting cotton or fabric of your choice; squares can coordinate, contrast, or match, as your heart desires.

• Sewing machine, needle, and bobbin
• Fabric shears
• Scissors (for cutting paper)
• Straight pins
• Measuring tape
• Hand-sewing needle
• Matching all-purpose thread
• Fiberfill stuffing
• Tracing paper and pencil

Cutting the Fabric:
1. Pin any two squares together along one edge,with right sides together and raw edges aligned. Stitch a  1/4" seam; press the seam open.

2. Lay the pieced squares from step 1 right side up. With right sides together and raw edges aligned, place the remaining (third) square on top of the pieced squares so that the third square is centered on the pieced squares' seam; pin together along one edge. Stitch in a 1/4" seam; press the seam open. These three pieced squares form a "T" shape.

3. Place the heart template as desired over the three pieced squares and pin or trace it. Cut it out for the front of the pincushion.

4. From the remaining square, use the template to cut out the heart for the back of the pincushion.

Click here for a large version of the heart template.

Sewing Instructions:
With right sides together, pin the front to the back with raw edges aligned. Stitch a 1/4" seam around the heart, leaving 2" opening along one straight side for turning and stuffing. Clip all the curves; turn the heart right side out.

2. Stuff the pincushion through the opening until you achieve your desired firmness; hand stitch the opening closed.

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Excerpted from Sew Red: Sewing and Quilting for Women's Heart Health, copyright 2013 by Sixth&Spring Books/Soho Publishing. Photography by Marcus Tullis. Text copyright © 2012 by Laura Zander.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced except with permission in writing from the publisher.


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DIY & Crafts

How to sew a heart pin cushion