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How to wrap a gift like a pro

How to wrap a gift like a pro

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How to wrap a gift like a pro

We've broken down how to wrap a gift beautifully, plus some tips that will help make the process a whole lot easier—and fun!

Gift wrapping can be an enjoyable task for those who are good at it and a dreadful one for those who aren't pros. We get it—it can be daunting, especially if you've waited until last minute to wrap all your gifts (we're talking day of here). But before you find yourself running to your local gift wrapping station or throwing everything into gift bags, we're here to tell you can totally wrap your own gifts with ease—and we promise you may even like it! Read below for our step-by-step instructions, pro tips, and watch our video for gift wrapping style inspiration.



  • Retractable knife or scissors
  • Ribbon scissors
  • Cutting mat (if using retractable knife)
  • Clear tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • Wire



1. On a hard surface, measure your wrapping paper to fit around the gift.

2. Use a retracting knife to cut, leaving a little extra and then cut the other side of the wrapping paper, leaving about 2 inches extra.

4. Centre the gift, making sure the paper is lined to the middle and tape.

5. Fold the sides in, then fold the bottom flap and then top flap, making sure all creases are clean and crisp. For a cleaner look, fold the end of the top. Finish off with tape and repeat step on other side. 

6. Measure your ribbon, wrapping around gift twice and create two loops, leaving a little extra for the ribbon tail, then cut with ribbon scissors. Centre ribbon over top of gift and wrap tightly around. Flip the gift bottom up and sharply twist each strand. Flip gift and pull each strand underneath. Tie your bow and pull tightly, adjusting as needed. Cut the ends of the ribbon to finish off.



  • Always wrap on a hard surface, not the floor, that way you can better cut your wrapping paper without accidently jamming your scissors against any carpeting or flooring.
  • For easy access, pre-cut your tape so you're not struggling with a tape dispenser as you're wrapping. 
  • Retractable knives work great for precision cutting but a great pair of scissors will work just as good. If you choose to use a retractable knife, make sure you're cutting over a cutting mat to avoid scratching your work surface.





1. Start off with a nice plaid wrapping paper for a more traditional take on your gift wrap. Buffalo Check Wrapping Paper, starting at $4.17,

2. A black ribbon complements the wrapping paper nicely. Black Satin Ribbon, $6.95,;

3. For a little bit of woodsy character, use a bark gift tag. Bark Gift Tag, $14,



1. A white kraft wrapping paper allows you to spruce up your gift with any type of ribbon or decorative items. White Kraft Paper $6.64,

2. Opt for a red and white twine for a more festive look. Striped Wool Twine, $12,

3. Pinecones add an extra rustic touch. Easter White Pine Cones, $24,



1. Black and gold set the tone for a sophisticated gift wrap. Candle Holder Black & Gold Wrapping Paper, $31.75,

2. Use metallic twine to tie the look together. Metallic Gold Twine, $2.59,

3. Tassels add a touch of glam to the final look. Doule Tassel Bag Charm, $22,



1. Use a good quality wrapping paper with a muted colour and wintry designs. Spearmint Blossoms wrapping paper, $8.50,

2. A thin, sheer gold ribbon works beautifully with graphic wrapping papers. Sheer Craft Ribbon, $7.99,

3. Add a unique touch like this DIY macaron ornament to make your gift extra special. DIY Macaron Ornament,


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How to wrap a gift like a pro