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Kid's craft: Make a Canada Day beaver hat

Kid's craft: Make a Canada Day beaver hat

Author: Canadian Living

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Kid's craft: Make a Canada Day beaver hat

You need:
• Small Canadian flag
• Red baseball-style cap (preferably with a stiff crown for support)
• Craft foam (9" x 12"): 2 brown, 1 white, 1/8 sheet black, (1/4 sheet red, optional)
• Cardboard or card stock sheet (9" x 12")
• Masking or duct tape
• Tacky or white glue
• Low-temp glue gun
• White pipe cleaner (12")
• Black fine/medium fine permanent marker
• Paint, small amount of red or white poster or acrylic, optional
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Canada Day beaver hat template ( you can download the Canada Day beaver hat template here)

Check out larger photos of the Canada Day beaver hat.

To make:
1. Print template, having adjusted the size so the beaver figure fills a piece of the craft foam comfortably. Cut out individual pieces of the template, or lay pieces on craft foam and trace them. This will leave a visible line on the surface of the craft, outline in pencil if desired.

Trace beaver figure onto the brown craft foam and cut out. Repeat with cardboard or card stock (the cardboard beaver figure will be used to give extra support to foam figure). Use a second brown craft foam sheet to trace the tail and paw. Cut out.

Trace T-shirt onto white craft foam and cut out.

4. Trace the maple leaf onto the red craft foam and cut out. Alternatively, you can trace the maple leaf onto a piece of cardboard or card stock and paint it red.

5. Trace eye shapes onto the white and black craft foam and cut out. Trace nose shape onto black craft foam and teeth onto white craft foam. Cut out.

6. Glue cardboard backing to back of beaver figure.

7. Use black marker to carefully outline all pieces of the beaver figure, T-shirt, and facial markings according to the larger image linked above . Allow a minute for marker to dry completely before handling cut-outs.

8. Glue whites of eyes, followed by black parts of eyes. Then glue the nose and teeth onto the beaver's face.

9. Working on the back side of the flag, bend pipe cleaner so that it runs up the flag pole where the flag touches the pole and across the top of the flag, affixing it to the back side of the flag with the glue gun. The pipe cleaner will hold the flag in an outstretched position. Add a dab of glue to hold the flag at top mast on the flag pole.

10. Carefully make small holes in T-shirt, as marked on template, and insert flag. Turn T-shirt over and use tape to secure flag on the back of the shirt.

11. Glue T-shirt onto beaver figure. Position and glue on paw and maple leaf.

12. Use white paint and a fine brush to add highlights to top right-hand section of eyes and nose.

13. To affix the beaver to the hat: Use glue gun to apply glue to the crown of the hat, right where the brim meets the crown. Position the feet of the beaver in the same place and press into place.

14. To attach the tail: Position the base of the tail on the beaver and use a dab of glue to hold it in place. Then position the tip of the tail on an angle on the brim of the hat and use a dab of glue to hold in place.

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DIY & Crafts

Kid's craft: Make a Canada Day beaver hat