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Kids' Christmas craft: Stocking Advent calendar

Kids' Christmas craft: Stocking Advent calendar

Author: Canadian Living

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Kids' Christmas craft: Stocking Advent calendar

Spend an afternoon crafting this easy Advent calendar with your child and you'll both enjoy the countdown to Christmas.

You need:
Card stock
Kraft paper
Scissors or utility knife
Glue pen and craft glue
Scalloped scrapbooking scissors or pinking shears
Scraps of ribbon, rickrack, trim or wrapping paper; buttons, pins or sequins
Glitter glue (silver, green or red)
24 small candy treats
Red grosgrain ribbon

You can see a larger image of the stocking Advent calendar here.

To make:
1. Download, print and cut out Advent stocking template ( you can find the template here).

2. With pencil, trace stocking template onto kraft paper to make 48 stocking shapes.

3. Using sharp scissors or utility knife, cut out stockings.

4. With glue pen, trace outline of stocking, leaving top unglued. Place second paper stocking over top. Repeat 23 times to make 24 paper stockings. Let dry completely.

5. Using scrapbooking scissors, trim tops of stockings.

6. Using craft glue, affix trim to stockings as desired. Let dry.

7. Using pencil, number stockings 1 to 24; trace numbers in glitter glue. Let dry.

8. Cut twenty-four 5 mm x 8 cm (1/4- x 3 inch) strips kraft paper; fold in half. Glue one strip to back of each stocking at 45-degree angle to top left corner (see photo). Let dry.

9. Place small candy treat in each stocking; string stockings onto ribbon. Hang and enjoy!

Designer's tip:
• Why not hide each stocking in a different place, and have an Advent calendar scavenger hunt?

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DIY & Crafts

Kids' Christmas craft: Stocking Advent calendar