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Kids' craft: Halloween jack-o'-lantern

Kids' craft: Halloween jack-o'-lantern

Author: Canadian Living

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Kids' craft: Halloween jack-o'-lantern

You need:
4 white Styrofoam or paper plates
Stem template
1 sheet (23 x 30 cm/9- x 12-inch) black construction paper
Tissue paper (orange, yellow, green)
White glue
Pipe cleaners (2 each green, black and purple)
2 Styrofoam balls (4 cm/11/2 inch)
Scraps craft foam
Googly eyes
Monofilament or thread
Pencil, scissors and straight pins
Painter's tape and duct tape

Take a look at a larger image of the finished jack-o'-lantern craft.

To make:
1. For face: With pencil, draw eyes and mouth on bottom of one plate. With scissors, carefully cut out shapes, discarding scraps.

2. For back: Trace second plate on black construction paper; cut out. Glue paper inside the second plate.

Trace stem template onto third plate; cut out and set aside.

4. Using Styrofoam scraps, cut out shapes to add to pumpkin face. Glue shapes to plates; let dry.

5. Tear orange, yellow and green tissue paper into small squares, setting colours aside separately.

6. Mix white glue with splash of water in small container. Use paintbrush to spread glue mixture over small area of pumpkin face. Place tissue over glue, one piece at a time and smoothing with brush and glue mixture. Cover entire face with yellow tissue, then orange, overlapping tissue at edges, and covering each layer with glue. Repeat for back. Let dry.

7. For stem:
Fold in half so raised sides of stem face out. Tape green pipe cleaner "tendrils" to underside of stem. Follow Step 6 to cover front and back with green tissue paper.

8. Make eyes:
Dip one end of black pipe cleaner in glue; push into Styrofoam ball. Coat base of ball with glue mixture, from pipe cleaner to halfway up side of ball.

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Cover with orange tissue paper. Layer googly eye on top of craft foam scraps, as shown, and glue; let dry. Glue eye to ball, holding in place with pin until dry. To make eyelashes, cut purple pipe cleaner into 5 short pieces. Dip one end of each into glue and push into ball; curl ends slightly. Let dry. Repeat to make the second eye.

9. Attach eyes to face: Coil two black pipe cleaners to form springs. Insert one black pipe cleaner through each eye space on face; tape to wrong side of plate with duct tape.

10. Spread glue on inside rim of back; press plates together, wrong sides facing. Let dry.

11. Attach stem: Spread glue on inside ends of stem. Position on pumpkin as shown. Secure with painter's tape until dry; discard tape.

12. Thread monofilament through stem and knot to form hanging loop. Hang Jack-O'-Lantern from your door to add a silly spin to your Halloween decor.

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This story was originally titled "Joke-O'-Lantern" in the October 2011 issue.

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DIY & Crafts

Kids' craft: Halloween jack-o'-lantern