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Kids' craft: How to make a friendship bracelet

Kids' craft: How to make a friendship bracelet

Author: Canadian Living

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Kids' craft: How to make a friendship bracelet

You need:
Embroidery floss* in three colours
• Scissors
• Safety pin and tape

*Available at fabric or craft supply stores.

Take a closer look at a larger image of a finished friendship bracelet.

To make:

1. With scissors, cut three lengths of embroidery floss, each about 1 metre (40 inches) long. Holding the three strands together, fold in half; tie together with an overhand knot just below fold to form loop.

2. Slip safety pin through loop and tape to flat surface, such as a tabletop (or pin to pillow or the knee of your jeans).

3. Spread out strands in pairs: 2 strands of Colour A, 2 strands of Colour B, 2 strands of Colour C, as shown.

4. To knot bracelet, work from left to right. Hold onto Strand 1 with left hand, a short distance from top knot. With right hand, pull bottom of strand up and over Strand 2, to make a "4" shape, as shown in this photograph.

5. Wrap Strand 1 around Strand 2, then gently pull to tighten.

6. Continue in this manner, wrapping Strand 1 around each strand in turn. At end of first row of knots, strands should be arranged as 2-3-4-5-6-1.

7. Next, wrap Strand 2 around each of the following strands, following steps 4 and 5.

8. Continue in this manner, using each strand to wrap following strands, until your bracelet has reached desired length; tie off with overhand knot and trim ends. Remove pin. Tie on to wrist with square knot, bow or slip knot, as desired.

Designer's notes:
• Use as many (or as few) colours as you like.
• If you'd like a wider bracelet, add more pieces of embroidery floss. If you'd like it to be narrower, cut fewer pieces.
• To make sturdy ties, braid the ends of your embroidery floss before you knot and trim them.

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DIY & Crafts

Kids' craft: How to make a friendship bracelet