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Learn how to make a butterfly garden stake

Learn how to make a butterfly garden stake

Author: Canadian Living

DIY & Crafts

Learn how to make a butterfly garden stake

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You need:

• 40 cm (16 inches) 20-gauge wire
• 1 balloon cup
• 1 m (40-inch) green bamboo garden stake
• Craft glue
• Monarch butterfly ( see instructions here)
• Convex car mirror (approx. 10 cm/ 4-inch diameter)
• 2 m (80 inches) copper-coloured wire
• Wire cutters and needle-nose pliers
• Duct tape (approx. four 8 cm/3-inch lengths, cut into 1 cm/ 1/2-inch widths)
• Floral tape (optional)
• Low-temp glue gun
• Blue-green glass beads: 6 large for wire, 3 small for butterfly body

Check out a large image of the completed project.

To make:
1. Using 20 cm (8-inch) length of 20-gauge wire, attach balloon cup to garden stake by winding wire through the neck of cup, leaving two ends free; push free ends into centre hollow space of garden stake. Tilt cup on 45-degree angle.

2. Using craft glue, affix butterfly to surface of mirror, positioning butterfly head in lower third of mirror.

3. Using wire cutters, cut copper wire into three lengths: 35 cm (14 inches); 45 cm (18 inches) and 64 cm (25 inches). Insert wire horizontally through cup (below rim), and secure end to garden stake using duct tape. Repeat with second and third lengths of copper wire, spacing evenly around cup. Twist 20 cm (8-inch) length 20-gauge wire around duct tape to reinforce; overwrap with duct tape, then floral tape if desired.

4. Using glue gun and applying glue generously, glue mirror to top of balloon cup. Let glue dry.

5. One at a time, pull copper wires up and bend around mirror. String beads onto copper wire, distributing evenly and using pliers to bend wire slightly to hold large glass beads in place. Curve and twist wires until as desired (see photo, page 92).

6. Using small amount of hot glue, adhere small glass beads to butterfly body as shown.

You might also want to make the monarch butterfly mobile or window decoration.

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DIY & Crafts

Learn how to make a butterfly garden stake