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Learn how to make a dragon sock puppet

Learn how to make a dragon sock puppet

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Learn how to make a dragon sock puppet

Make the princess sock puppet and this snazzy puppet theatre to go with your dragon puppet and you'll be able to stage a play for your family and friends.

You need:
• 1 green sock
• 4- x 5-inch (10 x 13 cm) piece of cardboard
• 9- x 12-inch (23 x 30.5 cm) piece each of yellow and green felt
• Scraps of red and black felt
• 8 large green pompoms
• 6 small green pompoms
• 2 pieces (approx. 12 inches/30.5 cm, square) fabric, such as tulle (we used gold) or organza for the wings
• Large googly eyes
• Scraps of craft foam
• J Cloth or fabric scrap
• Low-temperature glue gun
• Crafter’s glue
• Scissors, pencil, straight pins
Dragon sock puppet template

You can see a larger image of the dragon sock puppet here.

To make:
1. Turn sock inside out. Using template, cut mouth shape out of cardboard. Fold mouth along dotted line. Put sock on your hand, with heel over your wrist area. Push fabric in between upper fingers and lower thumb to make a mouth opening and fit cardboard mouth shape into place. Trim where necessary to make a good fit.

2. Use fitted cardboard mouth shape to cut an identical shape out of red felt; set aside.

3. Glue cardboard mouth shape into place using crafter's glue. Use paper clips to hold in place while drying.

4. Meanwhile use templates to cut:
• Interior mouth shape from black felt;
• spikes, large wings and belly from yellow felt; and
• small wing supports and nostrils from green felt.
Assemble googly eyes and craft-foam pieces to create dramatic eyes

5. Turn sock right side out. Arrange mouth shape so puppet's mouth works, then glue red felt mouth into place. Hold in place with paper clips while drying. Position and glue black felt onto red felt to create mouth interior. Hold in place with paper clips to dry properly.

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6. Tie a strip of J Cloth with a knot in the centre of the strip to form some padding for the forehead. Put puppet on your hand and fit the padding into place. Adjust as necessary and glue in place with glue gun. Allow glue to dry before moving on.

Giving your fragon eyes:

7. With puppet on your hand, position two large green pompoms where the eyes will go and glue in place with glue gun.

8. Make a fringe along the row of spikes by making short cuts along the straight edge every 1/4 inch (6 mm), beginning about 1.5 inches (4 cm) from the front tip, as marked on template. Using a pin, fit row of spikes into place, centred just behind eyes. For convenience, slip puppet onto a cylindrical bottle or tube and stand upright. Using glue gun put small dab of glue on one side of first section of fringe and glue on centre of the puppet’s back. Put glue, as above, on next section of fringe (on opposite side), and glue down. Repeat alternating pattern of gluing to end of spikes.

9. Use a glue gun to attach the googly eyes to the front of the pompoms.

Making the dragon's wings:

10. To make wings, gather the large yellow felt wings at base, leaving bottom point free. Glue gathered felt together with glue gun; set aside. Fold over tulle fabric and gather at base, and hold against yellow wings. When satisfied with the look, glue the tulle gathers together with glue gun. Attach tulle wings behind yellow wings at base with glue gun. Glue the front of gathered area of yellow wing to the side of the puppet. Turn the puppet to back side, cover base of wing with wide area of small green wing supports. Glue in place. Affix rest of small wing supports to sock.

11. Glue remaining pompoms along spikes with glue gun, using small pompoms on either side of upper spike and larger pompoms below.

12. Glue dragon's belly to sock with glue gun, adding green semicircles if desired.

13. Glue dragon's nostrils in place.

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DIY & Crafts

Learn how to make a dragon sock puppet