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Learn how to make a princess sock puppet

Learn how to make a princess sock puppet

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Learn how to make a princess sock puppet

Make the dragon sock puppet and this snazzy puppet theatre to go with your princess puppet and you'll be able to stage a play for your family and friends.

You need:
• 1 skin-colour sock
• 1 pink sock
• 4 x 5-inch (10 x 12.5 cm) piece of cardboard
• Scraps of pink felt
• 2 large white pompoms
• 2 pieces of fabric, such as tulle (we used pink) or organza (12 inches x 3 feet/30.5 cm x 91.5 cm) for the skirt; 12 inches/30.5 cm squared for the hat)
• Pink lace, stretchy
• Ribbon for hair (ours is 5 yards/4.5 m golden and wired)
• Large googly eyes
• Scraps of craft foam
• J-Cloth or fabric scrap
• Low-temperature glue gun
• Crafter's glue
• Decorations, including sequins, strings of beads or earrings, as desired
• 12-inch (30.5 cm) sqaured piece of aluminum foil
• Scissors, pencil, straight pins, stapler

Check out a larger image of the finished craft here.

To make:
Turn sock inside out. Using template, cut mouth shape out of cardboard. Fold mouth along dotted line. Put the sock on your hand, with the heel over your wrist area: Push fabric in between upper fingers and lower thumb to make a mouth opening and fit the cardboard mouth shape into place. Trim where necessary to make a good fit.

2. Use fitted cardboard mouth shape to cut an identical shape out of red felt; set aside.

3. Glue cardboard mouth shape into place using crafter's glue. Use paper clips to hold the shape in place while drying.

4. Turn the sock right-side out. Arrange mouth shape so puppet's mouth works, then glue red felt into place. Hold in place with paper clips while drying.

5. Tie a strip of J Cloth or fabric with a knot in the centre of the strip to form some padding for the forehead. Put the puppet on your hand and fit the padding into place. Adjust as necessary; glue in place with glue gun. Allow glue to dry before moving on.

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6. Cut toe area off pink sock and reserve for making the hat. Slide remaining pink sock tube over the skin-colour sock to make dress. Position sock in place and glue it to the back of the dress, higher than in front.

7. With puppet on a hand, position 2 large white pompoms where the eyes will go. Use the glue gun to secure them in place.

For convenience, slip the puppet onto a cylindrical bottle or tube and stand it upright. Assemble googly eyes with craft foam backing for eye colour, adding long eyelashes if desired. Using the glue gun, secure the eyes to the pompoms.

9. To make the dress: For skirt, fold tulle in half and gather, securing with a straight pin. Put skirt on puppet to check if desired fit, than staple gathers to secure in place. Affix skirt to dress with glue gun. Add some lace where body of dress and tulle meet. Trim bodice with lace. Decorate the dress with sequins, strings of beading, as desired.

To make hair, fold lengths of ribbon to desired length. Gather at crown and secure with glue gun. If desired, attach earring backs to hair-colour pompoms, conceal and glue to hair to hang appropriately.

To make hat, form a piece of aluminum foil into cone shape to mold toe of sock into cone-shaped hat. Secure cone to inside of hat, and hat to head using glue gun. Decorate by attaching small piece of tulle to point of hat; add sequins and lacy cut-outs as desired.

To make lips, cut desired shape from pink felt. Attach to outside of mouth.

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DIY & Crafts

Learn how to make a princess sock puppet