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Magnetic memories

Magnetic memories

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Magnetic memories

Don't confine all your family vacation pictures to photo albums. Flaunt some on your fridge for friends and family to enjoy -- and so you can reminisce when you're reaching for the milk. Play with different scenes, mixing and matching your pieces for entertaining conversation starters. Warning: your grocery list may no longer look right between the Eiffel Tower and a cutout of your pet pooch.

You need:
Family photos
8-1/2 x 11 magnet sheets (available at office supply stores)
Photo-editing program
Colour printer
Sharp scissors or utility knife

To make:

Step 1: Pick your pics
• Look through your photos and choose shots that will be easy to cut out and have clear definition around the objects.

• If your photos are not digital, scan them to your computer.

• We went through photos from Heather's trip to Belgium last summer. We selected some fun images of her son and then chose different inanimate objects, such as planes from the Belgian Comic Strip Centre in Brussels, a covered carousel in Koksijde and a bridge in Bruges.

Step 2: Photo-edit your images
• Fix any red-eye or colour issues in your photo-editing program.

• If you're taking images from more than one photo, try to match the brightness and contrast on each picture so they'll appear uniform on the fridge.

• Using the freehand tool in your program, trace the image you'd like to cut out.

• When your picture is outlined, copy and paste it into a fresh 8-1/2 x 11 document to match the size of the magnet sheet. Repeat until the sheet is full.

Step 3: Print your images
• Once all of your images are pasted into a blank document and are sized accordingly, you are ready to print.
• Test-print on normal paper before using your magnet sheet.

• When you are ready, load the magnet sheet into your printer, according to the package directions, and print.

Step 4: Cut out your magnets and decorate the fridge
• Using a pair of scissors or a utility knife, cut around each image carefully.

• Now get creative arranging your pictures on the fridge.


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Magnetic memories