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Make a birch reindeer

Make a birch reindeer

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Make a birch reindeer

It's Christmastime, and before long you're going to hear the footsteps of reindeer on your rooftop. But it all happens so fast! Don't you wish you could capture that special moment in a fun and special way? Then Emmanuel Belliveau and Andrika Lawren, hosts of HGTV show My Parents' House, have got the perfect project for you and your family.

White birch is one of the best woods to use for decorating.

• 5-foot log
• 1 10-inch branch 1 to 2 inches in diameter (the neck)
• 2 tree branches (these will be the antlers)
• 3-inch wood screws
• Construction adhesive
• Table saw
• Chop saw
• 1/2-inch to 1-inch drill bit
• Power drill

1. Find a white piece of birch that is at least 5 feet in length and 5 inches in diameter. Cut it into 4 pieces: Start at the narrowest end and cut a 2-inch piece (tail), 12-inch piece (head) and then two more pieces, each 24 inches long (body and legs).

2. Cut one of the larger pieces into quarters, lengthwise: Using the table saw, cut the piece in half down the centre and then cut those two halves into half again, creating four quarters of the original piece. These will be the legs.

3. To make the head, drill two holes in the top of the 12-inch piece, where you will attach the antlers. Put construction adhesive in the holes and pin the branches with wood screws to make sure they stay in place.

4. Next, add legs, tail and neck to the body with two 3-inch wood screws and construction adhesive. Attach the head to the neck, and you have a beautiful decorative reindeer for the holidays.

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DIY & Crafts

Make a birch reindeer