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Make a pretty pumpkin

Make a pretty pumpkin

Author: Canadian Living

DIY & Crafts

Make a pretty pumpkin

Autumn is here! It's a great time to make a cute reusable pumpkin. Put it on your porch, the hallway table, or get creative and group a few on a bale of hay come Halloween. No one will know it didn't come from the pumpkin patch!

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You need:

• flexible vinyl ducting, available at home improvement stores
• orange paint
• paint brush
• stapler
• brown construction paper for the stem
• green leaf (from a craft store or make your own from construction paper)
• wire cutter

To make:
1. Measure and cut 30 to 40 cm of flexible vinyl ducting (the longer the piece the larger the pumpkin will be).

2. Cut lengthwise, using a wire cutter. (Be careful, the wire is sharp.)

3. Stretch out the flexible vinyl ducting. Join the two ends to make a ball, staple together leaving a small hole on top to place the stem.

4. Paint your pumpkin orange; let dry.

5. Fold a piece of brown construction paper to make a stem; add the leaf.

Use your imagination, be creative and have fun!

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DIY & Crafts

Make a pretty pumpkin