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Make a stunning Christmas wreath from old ornaments

Make a stunning Christmas wreath from old ornaments

Photography by Paul Chmielowiec Image by: Photography by Paul Chmielowiec Author: Canadian Living

DIY & Crafts

Make a stunning Christmas wreath from old ornaments

Make a pretty holiday wreath
The sumptuous look of this gleaming wreath belies its simple nature – a handful of eye-catching ornaments are simply set in a background of inexpensive tree balls, all attached to a foam base. Easy but elegant, this perennial performer will never wilt or drop needles on the carpet.

Click to view a larger picture of the finished Christmas ball ornament wreath.

You need
• Cylindrical Styrofoam wreath base, 14-in in diameter, 2-in thick
• Approx seventy-five 2-in diameter ball ornaments
• Approx thirty 1-in diameter ball ornaments
• Approx 20 vintage ornaments (such as 2- to 2-1/2-in diameter glittery, mirrored or painted balls, or odd-shaped ornaments and decorations such as angels, birds or beasts)
• Loose glass beads recycled from tree garlands or costume jewelry (optional)
• 1.00 m wire-edged satin ribbon, 2-in wide
• Glue gun

To make:
1. Fold ribbon in half so ends are even, forming loop. From back of base, thread loop through wreath, then slide ends through loop and tighten at top; secure loop to base with dabs of glue. Tie ends in bow to make hanging loop.

2. Working counterclockwise from top and leaving spaces to accommodate vintage ornaments, glue 2-in balls all over sides then front of base (glue balls to each other, as well as to base, to secure); arrange vintage ornaments as desired, then glue on. Glue 1-in balls (and, if desired, beads) into spaces in between.

3. Trim ribbon ends, then shape bow loops and ends as desired.

Designer's tips
• Before gluing ornaments around sides, place small pieces cut from corrugated cardboard or clean Styrofoam meat trays under ornaments, to position balls slightly forward of base back and prevent breakage when the wreath is hung against a hard surface.

• Save this wreath for indoor use only, and avoid hanging it on a door that is constantly opened and shut.

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DIY & Crafts

Make a stunning Christmas wreath from old ornaments