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Our best crochet and knitting patterns for baby essentials

Our best crochet and knitting patterns for baby essentials

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DIY & Crafts

Our best crochet and knitting patterns for baby essentials

Classic knitted patchwork quilt
This gorgeous quilt makes a delightful baby blanket, perfect for a baby shower gift.

Sugar babies crocheted blanket
Any baby would be lucky to receive this handmade blanket!

Bye, baby bunting
Baby can sleep tight in her handmade, cuddly duffle bag.

Patched-with-hearts baby blanket
Wrap your little one with love.

Booties, hats and mittens
Knitted bunny slippers
No carrots necessary! Your little one's feet are all that's needed to fill these cozy rabbit slippers.

Hats for little heads
Add your imagination to our five easy styles and create a cool shade that suits any child.

Fleece mittens for baby hands
Keep tiny fingers extra warm with fleece mittens in just their size.

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Nona's knitted baby jacket with hood
Knit this adorable baby jacket with hood for the little ones in your life. This pattern was designed by and is shared in tribute to the author's Nona, Marianna Peri.

Crocheted hat and jacket for baby
This matching crocheted hat and jacket make a perfect baby shower gift.

Knit a baseball tee with mittens
This adorable raglan pullover from comedian/actress Tracey Ullman's knitting book will be ready in no time.

Baby love onesie
Help your kids welcome a new sibling with the gift of a personalized onesie.

Ladybug baby costume
Try this quick and cute no-sew costume.

Baby jester costume
This cute costume is guaranteed to make you smile.

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Rainbow hearts mobile
This little dove soaring among a twirling rainbow of hearts is a charming mobile that will enchant any child.

Pine toy box
This beautiful wooden toy box will get your child's toys off the floor and make a great addition to your home décor.

Make a decoupage step stool for baby
This personalized stool will make a fine addition to any child's decor.

Personalized hangers for baby
New babies get lots of clothing. Give them the royal treatment with sets of personalized or decorative hangers. They're a cinch to make, and nothing could be sweeter.

Travel bag s
Have baby, will travel
Outings with baby are simpler with these easy-sew designs for a roll-up baby chair and diaper bag.

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Bear essentials: Cute knitted bears
Knit these cuddly little companions and put a smile on someone's face.

Soft blocks to sew for baby
These adorable play blocks, made from recycled felt, will keep little ones entertained with their mix of colour, texture and shape.

Cute bears to sew from felt
These cute felt bears are easy to sew in a range of colours, and even make a fun project for kids.

Cute crocheted duck
Amigurumi -- stylized animals and objects crocheted in the round -- are huge in Japan. You can work this pattern in a single colour, or in stripes for a more playful finished toy.

Knitted bunny toys
These hand-made stuffed animals make healthier gifts than traditional chocolate and are easier to clean up after than real rabbits.

Tiny knitted dolls for kids
Bag a bunch of tiny knitted dolls that any child will love.

Bonjour, I'm Beau Bear!
Here comes Beau... right out of the northern woods and into the hearts of anyone who finds lovable, huggable furry teddies irresistible!

Knit a stuffed elephant
This adorable toy will make a comforting companion for the children in your life.

Knit a toy monkey
This adorable knitted monkey makes a great gift for kids and adults alike.

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DIY & Crafts

Our best crochet and knitting patterns for baby essentials