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Photography tips: How to take great pictures

Photography tips: How to take great pictures

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Photography tips: How to take great pictures

Do you long for a salon-style wall of family portraiture and familiar landscapes, but can't even find one good picture to use? Does your family tease you for your ability to take blurry, out-of-focus pictures? We've put together a comprehensive guide to getting great pictures, with helpful advice for even the most novice shutterbugs.

Discover how to capture each special moment and subject perfectly: from beautiful babies and funny wee ones, to your favourite playful pooch. You'll also find celebrity secrets to help you look long and lean for times when you're in front of the lens. Lastly, you'll find a quick afternoon craft to display all of your great new pictures.

How to look great in pictures

Want to look good in photos but not sure how? Read the tips in this fun guide for looking better in front of the camera (and on Facebook).

The simple truth: the camera is a fickle lover. Even in a day and age where we adore snapping away at ourselves like never before, many of us could definitely use some tips when it comes to putting our best foot forward. (Including celebs: for every shot of Britney Spears looking beautiful and back to normal, there are a dozen of her looking bloated and patchy faced.) In the interest of research, we spent one afternoon perusing celeb magazines, fashion magazines and art books, surfing online, and analyzing the Facebook photos of the most photogenic women we know to get the scoop on the top ways to look good in photos.

Baby pics: How to take great baby photos

This expert advice will help you take amazing snapshots and portraits of your baby.

"The first few years of a baby's life are the most precious," says Lisa Stead, a professional photographer in London, Ont., who specializes in baby portraiture. "Be sure to take pictures often and you'll be amazed with the transformation of an infant turning into a baby, and a baby turning to a toddler."

5 tips for taking candid photos of your pets

Find out how to capture your pets' personality on camera.

Capturing the essence of your pet’s personality can deliver lasting memories. Following a few steps can produce true-to-life pet portraits.

• Before photographing dogs, play with them first to relax them, but photograph cats just as they are waking up and are less energetic.

Photo foldout

Show off your favourite pictures with this easy to tote album.

Kids and moms – here's a great way to show off favourite shots from summer vacation or Baby's first year. A few fast folds and you've got the perfect small-scale photo "album." Opened out, it sits atop a desk or mantelpiece. Closed up, it becomes a compact little brag book for Grandma to tuck into her purse or for you to take to school or work.

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Photography tips: How to take great pictures