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Pizza that's for the birds

Pizza that's for the birds

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Pizza that's for the birds

Spring is in the air! Welcome back our feathery friends with a delicious pizza treat! This craft is enjoyable for children and grown-ups alike to make and decorate together. It's sticky and lots of fun.

You need:
• Waxed paper to work on (large enough to cover your work space)
• Bagels with visible holes in middle
• Bread that has been well toasted and cooled
• Peanut butter (if you have nut allergy concerns just use any sticky spread)
• Wild birdseed
• Craisins
• Ribbon
• Tin pie plate
• Spatula/butter knife

To make:
1. Cover your workspace with waxed paper (this will make cleaning up a little easier).

2. Cover the bottom of a tin pie plate with birdseed.

3. Using a spatula or butter knife cover both sides of the bagel with peanut butter. Cut a hole in one corner of the cold toast before covering it with peanut butter.

4. After covered with peanut butter, place the bagel and toast one at a time in the pie plate of birdseed. Use your hands to spread and press the birdseed to the bagel/toast (a spoon also works well).

5. Shake off the extra seeds and lay the bagel/toast on your wax paper.

6. Dip one side of the Craisins in peanut butter then press to the bagel/toast (the Craisins act as the pepperoni). Cover any remaining exposed peanut butter with birdseed.

7. Cut a piece of ribbon and thread it through the holes in your bagels and toast. Tie the 2 ends together so you can hang the bird pizza outside.

8. Now you are ready to find a tree to hang your pizza for the birds.

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DIY & Crafts

Pizza that's for the birds