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Quick Craft: Soap Sliver Scrubber

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Quick Craft: Soap Sliver Scrubber

You know what drives my frugal soul nuts? Tossing soap slivers in the garbage. I know that sounds a little (a lot?) obsessive, but I think my Depression-era grandparents were right about not wasting things. Why buy something new when you still have something useful? Coincidentally, there’s a pile of sad old washcloths in my linen cupboard. The edges are frayed or the dobby has disintegrated, and they’re just not looking so fresh anymore. So what's a frugal girl to do with these two seemingly useless objects? Make a soap sliver scrubber, of course.  Here’s how: Supplies
  • Old washcloth
  • Matching or contrasting thread, as desired
  • Pins and large safety pin
  • Ribbon or cord
  • Assorted soap slivers
Instructions 1. Fold washcloth in half. Turn so long folded edge is facing you. Fold left edge down twice to make drawstring channel and enclose raw edge. Place pin in washcloth where drawstring channel ends.


2. Unfold drawstring channel. Pin down side and around bottom of washcloth below marker pin.


3. Starting at marker pin, sew around edge, backstitching at beginning and end to lock in stitches. I used about a 3/8-inch seam allowance and a fairly short stitch length on my machine. But this is not a fussy measurement, for sure.


4. If you like, curve the end of the seam on the squared corner to mimic the curved corner. Trim off excess.


5. To make drawstring channel, fold in edge (just above end of seam) slightly to enclose raw edge, then double-fold as you did the beginning. You may need to fiddle a little to get the channel to lie flat all the way from front to back. Pin in strategic places to hold in place. Edgestitch all the way around the bottom of the fold, backstitching at beginning and end to lock in stitches and reinforce.



6. Turn bag right side out. Tie knot in one end of ribbon. Stick safety pin though knot (I figured the knot part out the hard way after I took the picture below). Thread ribbon through drawstring channel.


7. Toss some soap slivers in the bag and pull the drawstring. Tie a knot and hang it up in the shower,


You're ready to lather up. And when the bag gets icky, just empty out the soap slivers and toss the bag in the wash. It couldn't be easier.

Happy scrubbing!


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DIY & Crafts

Quick Craft: Soap Sliver Scrubber