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Quiz: What's your craft IQ?

Quiz: What's your craft IQ?

Author: Canadian Living

DIY & Crafts

Quiz: What's your craft IQ?

Attention, crafters! Being crafty suggests you're a clever and quick thinker. You know how to use your tools, your materials and your brain to create imaginative projects. You also need a broad knowledge base to turn your ideas into reality.

So how high, exactly, is your craft IQ? Do you know the difference between knit and purl, or appliqué and emboss? Find out how your craft smarts measure up when you take this fun quiz.

1. A kitchener stitch is used for:
Making apron edging
b) Closing toes of knit socks
c) Hooking rugs
d) Attaching beads to knit surfaces

Answer: b) Closing toes of knit socks. The yarn is worked not with the knitting needles, but with a tapestry needle.

2. Decoupage is:
A type of knitting
b) A crochet technique
c) Cutting out fabric
d) Cutting out paper

Answer: d) Cutting out paper. The word comes from the French verb decouper, "to cut up."  Usually, cut-up pieces of paper are applied to form a decorative collage and then covered with several coats of lacquer or varnish. Famous practitioners include Marie Antoinette, Lord Byron and Picasso.

3. "Fat quarters" are associated with what craft?
b) Wood-burning
c) Quilting
d) Scrapbooking

Answer: c) Quilting. A typical quarter yard of fabric would be cut from a bolt so it measures 9 x 42 ins. A fat quarter, however, is cut so that the original yard is cut in half lengthwise and again in half widthwise so the resulting shape measures 18 x 22 ins. This shape is more useful for turning into quilt blocks.

4. A brayer is a:
Person who cuts fabric without measuring first
b) Tool for embossing metal
c) Extra-large crochet hook
d) Ink roller

Answer: d) Ink roller. Brayers are used to apply a thin layer of ink to stamps or directly to a material's surface. 

5. Which stitch is not a crewel embroidery stitch:
Stem stitch
b) Chain stitch
c) French knot
d) Bargello

Answer: d) Bargello is a type of needlepoint stitch.

6. Tatting is another word for:
b) Quilting
c) Paper-making
d) Dying fabric

Answer: a) Lace-making. The term "tatting" probably comes from the Scandinavian word "tatters," referring to small bits of fabric or rags.

7. The cable pattern in an Aran knit sweater is thought to represent:
Fishing line
b) A wish for safety and luck when fishing
c) A rope ladder
d) The yarn used to make the sweater

Answer: b) A wish for safety and good luck while fishing. This and other attractive patterns originated in the Aran Islands on the west coast of Ireland, where fishing was a way of life. 

8. Petit point is worked on what size canvas?
18 holes per inch
b) 6 holes per inch
c) 22 holes per inch
d) 12 holes per inch

Answer: c) 22 holes per inch or more. A canvas with holes of this size requires 484 stitches to complete one square inch!

How did you score?
All correct:
Congratulations, you're the craftiest crafter of them all!
6-7 correct: You've got craft terms all sewn up!
2-5 correct:  Here's a score for the scrapbook!
1 correct: Time to start checking our craft channel more carefully!

Helaine Becker is the award-winning kids' author of Boredom Blasters, Secret Agent Y.O.U., Like a Pro, Funny Business, Mother Goose Unplucked  and the popular Scholastic series The Looney Bay All-Stars.

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Quiz: What's your craft IQ?