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Rainbow hearts mobile

Rainbow hearts mobile

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Rainbow hearts mobile

You need:

White, red, pink, light orange, yellow, green, blue and purple felt, each piece 30 cm (11-7/8 in) square
1 skein of embroidery floss to match each felt color (except white)
Invisible nylon thread
Polyester fibrefill.
Macramé ring, 23 cm (9 in) in diameter
Brass ring, 2.5 cm (1 in) in diameter
Needle with large eye
White yam
Super white craft glue Pinking shears
Hole punch
Water-soluble fabric marker
Brown paper

To make:

Enlarge pattern (click here for pattern) by the squaring method, as follows: On brown paper, draw a grid of horizontal and vertical lines 2.5 cin (1 in) apart. Each square on the diagram equals a 2.5 cm square on your paper. Enlarge by drawing each line of the design onto the corresponding square on your paper. Transfer any markings. Cut out patterns.

Note: When gluing felt pieces together, apply glue sparingly. Use toothpicks to spread thin lines of glue. Use tweezers to pick up small felt pieces.

1. Cut dove and hearts from felt colors indicated on pattern. Transfer markings. Using hole punch, punch out 2 blue felt circles and 20 red felt circles.

2. Glue dove's beak to one body side as indicated. Glue body pieces together along outer edge, Sandwiching back between layers and leaving wings open where indicated. Let glue dry.

3. Stuff dove to desired fullness with polyester fibrefill. Smoothing winqs down against body, glue opening closed. Let glue dry. Glue on 2 blue eyes and glue red circles on tail, neck and top of wings.

4. Divide hearts into pairs. Glue each pair together along outer edge, leaving small opening where indicated. Let glue dry. Trim around each heart with pinking shears. Stuff lightly. Glue opening closed. Let glue dry.

5. Wrap large macramé ring with white yarn. Knot ends and dab with glue to secure. Measure and mark 28 dots on ring at 2.5 cm intervals.

6. Cut a 70 cm (27-5/8 in) length of red floss. Knot one end and trim knot neatly. Thread floss through centre top of a red heart and tie around ring over first mark, allowing heart to hang down 5 cm (2 in) from ring. Leave long end of floss attached but to one side.

Note: As you attach more hearts, tie long ends of floss together in a loose slip knot to avoid tangling.

7. Attach second red heart in same manner, cutting floss 2.5 cm longer and allowing heart to hang 2.5 cm below first Continue attaching remaining hearts with corresponding floss in the following color order; pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Be sure to add 2.5 cm to every successive strand of floss.

8. When all hearts are attached, undo slip knot holding long ends of floss. Gather all threads at top centre of mobile. Pull them through the small ring and tie in a secure knot. Trim ends close to knot.

9. Thread a 40 cm (15-3/4 in) length of invisible thread through top of dove where indicated. Hang dove in centre of mobile and attach thread to knotted floss. Trim end.

10. Hang mobile from a hook.

To make:
7. Cut four 5 x 6 cm (2- x 2-1/2 inch) rectangles black tissue paper. Working along long edge of rectangles, cut fringe. Bunch base of fringes together; glue to centre of flower, overlapping bases of petal details.

8. Using pencil and compass, draw 6 cm (2-1/2 inch) circle on black construction paper. Cut circle into thick spiral. Dab glue on centre of spiral; adhere to centre of poppy.

9. Curl pipe cleaners around pencil to form loose spirals.

10. If desired, tie green ribbon to centre of exposed pipe cleaner on underside of poppy. Curl ends slightly.

To make a wreath, use a hoop (such as a Hula-Hoop) as a frame. Sandwich hoop between pairs of poppies, stapling poppies together to cover hoop completely.

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Rainbow hearts mobile