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Slumber party fun

Slumber party fun

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DIY & Crafts

Slumber party fun

Excerpted from Perfect Kids' Parties: 12 Fantastic Theme Celebrations by Bruce Sterling and Karen Famini (Sterling Publishing, 2002).

Host a slumber party that isn't a snore. Delight your guests with these fun craft ideas! If you have room, prepare a separate table with a plastic tablecloth for your craft projects and supplies.

Creative kits
Check out the arts and crafts section of your favourite store. There are great kits available (e.g., friendship bracelets, picture making) that your guests will enjoy.

While you're there, pick up the supplies for our glamour bags, picture frames, personalized pillowcases, skidproof slipper socks and memory journals.

Glamour bags

• black or brown lunch bags
• craft sticks or plastic spoons
• hole punch
• colourful ribbon
• star-shaped craft sponges
• gold or yellow tempera paint
• gold or white glitter
• paper plates
• water
• markers
• glamour bag party favours such as toiletries (eg., toothbrushes, shampoo samples, soap, lotion), nail polish, and hair accessories

1. Label each bag with guest's name.

2. Pour paint into paper plates. Add glitter and mix with a craft stick or plastic spoon.

3. Dampen sponges and wring out excess moisture.

4. Lay bags flat. Print stars on the bags by dipping sponges into the paint and pressing lightly on the bag.

5. When the paint dries, fold over the top of each bag and punch two holes through all layers. Pull the ends of the ribbon through the holes and tie a bow in front.

6. Allow time during the party for girls to dig into their bags and use the nail polish, hair accessories, and toiletries.

Page 1 of 5 - find out how to make kid-friendly picture frames on the next page.

Picture frames

• posterboard or cardboard cut into 4 in squares
• 4 in craft sticks (or tongue depressors)
collage materials (e.g. stickers, buttons, sequins, small seashells)
• rickrack or yarn
instant camera and film
• glue
• tape
• scissors

1. Place two sticks opposite each other on a cardboard square and glue in place.

2. Glue two more craft sticks on frame.

3. Decorate the frame with collage materials.

4. Glue a piece of rickrack or yarn to the back for a hanger.

5. Take instant photos of partygoers and trim the edges.

6. Slide pictures into frames. Secure with tape.

Options: If you do not have an instant camera, send photo later or give each guest a disposable camera to take home.

Page 2 of 5 - find out how to make personalized pillowcases on page 3.

Personalized pillowcases

• white prewashed pillowcases
• fabric markers
• cardboard or newspaper
• pencils

1. Lay pillowcase flat. Place cardboard or folded newspaper inside the pillowcases to prevent markers from bleeding.

2. Have each guest write her name in pencil on the pillowcase. Add a design if desired. Trace the name and design with fabric markers.

3. Exchange pillowcases with other guests. Have them sign their names on the pillowcase and add drawings or designs.

Page 3 of 5 - learn how to make slipper socks on page 4.

Skidproof slipper socks

• washed and dried cotton socks (coloured or white)
• cardboard
• pens or markers
• scissors
• several colours of nontoxic fabric puffy paint

Note: Do not use fabric softener when washing socks.

1. Trace each guest's feet on pieces of cardboard. Cut out patterns. (Older kids can trace each other's feet.)

2. Have children place a cardboard "foot" inside each sock so that the bottom is stretched out and flat.

3. Draw a repeated pattern or simple designs on the bottoms of the socks using pens or markers. Trace over the designs with puffy paint. Allow to dry overnight.

Page 4 of 5 - on page 5: how to make a memory journal

Making memories

• letter-size envelopes (5 to 6 per child)
• hole-punch
• scissors
• yarn or ribbon
• construction paper
• stickers
• foam paper
• lined writing paper

1. Cut off the triangle top of each envelope to a pocket.

2. Cut a cover the size of the envelope from construction paper.

3. Hole-punch the cover and inside pocket pages on the left side and tie them together with yarn.

4. Fold and crease each page a half inch from the left edge to make it easier to turn.

5. Decorate the cover with stickers and colourful paper shapes.

6. Cut pieces of lined paper and glue to the pages.

7. Use the journal as a diary or to record fun times (like the slumber party!) Place mementos (e.g., photos, ticket stubs) in the pockets.

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DIY & Crafts

Slumber party fun