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Snowflake Memory Wreath

Snowflake Memory Wreath

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Snowflake Memory Wreath

Capture your most cherished holiday memories with photos of Christmases past, tucked among the branches of this exquisite wreath. Glistening snowflake ornaments are adorned with copies of your favorite photos and trimmed with a sparkly tinsel stem. Strands of silver beads, glittered berry sprigs and frosty foliage enhance its icy splendor. A gracefully draped snowflake ribbon adds the perfect touch of wintry elegance.

• pencil and eraser
• transparent tracing paper
• ballpoint pen
• lightweight cardboard or poster-board
• scissors
• 20" (51 cm) pine wreath
• eight photos to fit in circle template (Click here for pattern)
• eight 3-1/2" (9cm) glittered snowflake ornaments (I use four white and four silver)
• eight 7-1/4" (18cm) pieces of 6mm silver tinsel stems
• three yards (3m) of 2" (5cm) wide silver metallic wired ribbon (I use one with a snowflake motif)
• 9' (3m) of 1/2" (1 cm) silver bead garland
• five miniature silver foil package trims, one 1-1/2" (4cm) and four 1" (3cm)
• assorted floral trims: eight 2-1/2"-3" (6cm-8cm) glittered leaves, clusters of artificial white berries, silver glittered pine foliage, sixteen silver glittered berries cut off sprigs
• compass (optional) to draw the circle
• tacky glue
• glue gun/glue sticks

Creating a Beautiful Memory Wreath:

1. Black-and-white photos add a nostalgic look and complement the colors of the white and silver trims.

2. Make copies at your local print shop to preserve your original photos.

3. Choose photos with a Christmas or wintry theme.

To Make:

1. Preparing the Photographs
Referring to the circle pattern, use a pencil to trace the circle onto tracing paper.

Slip a piece of transfer paper underneath the tracing paper and, with a pencil or ballpoint pen, draw the circle pattern onto a piece of lightweight cardboard or poster-board. Use scissors to cut out the cardboard circle.

To preserve your original photos, have them photocopied at your local print shop. Bring the circle template with you so you can have your photos reduced or enlarged so that the main subject matter will fit into the circular shape. (I used black-and-white photos for a vintage look.)

Tip: Instead of transferring the circle pattern with the tracing and transfer papers, you can use a compass to draw the circle shape directly onto the cardboard.

2. Trace the Circle Template
Place the cardboard circle template onto the desired area of each photo and trace around the edges with a pencil, making sure your main image is inside the circle. Cut out the circular photo shape. (To see image click here.)

3. Create the Ornament
Use tacky glue to attach the eight circular photos onto the center of each snowflake ornament. Press the photos firmly on the edges until the glue sets to prevent the edges of the photos from curling upward. (To see image click here.)

4. Add a Tinsel Stem Border
Cut eight 7-1/4" (18cm) pieces of silver tinsel stems. Hot glue the edges to form circular shapes and let set. Then hot glue the circular tinsel stems around the edges of the photos. (To see image click here.)

4. Decorate the Wreath
Once your photo ornaments are completed, it's time to decorate the wreath. Wrap the three yards (3m) of wired ribbon around a 20" (51cm) wreath. Secure with hot glue.

Cut 1' (30cm) off the 9' (3m) silver bead garland; you need only 8' (2m). Wrap the silver bead garland around the wreath and secure with hot glue. Then hot glue the eight photo snowflake ornaments onto the wreath.

Next, add the remaining embellishments. Hot glue the miniature foil packages onto the wreath, gluing one 1-1/2" (4cm) package and two 1" (3cm) packages together in one cluster. Hot glue the remaining 1" (3cm) packages separately. For the finishing touch, hot glue the assorted floral trims (glittered leaves, white berry clusters, silver glittered foliage and silver glittered berries).

Excerpted from Easy Christmas Crafts by Susan Cousineau. Copyright 2003 by Susan Cousineau. Excerpted, with permission by Northern Light Books. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.


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Snowflake Memory Wreath