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Spooky Halloween window decoration

Spooky Halloween window decoration

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Spooky Halloween window decoration

You need:
• 1 convex mirror, 9.5 cm (3-1/2 inches) in diameter (such as a "blind spot" mirror for cars)
• 1 15 x 23 cm (6- x 9-inch) piece black glitter craft foam
• 1 15 x 23 cm (6- x 9-inch) piece purple glitter craft foam
• 2 small googly eyes
• 2 purple sequins
• 1 clear self-adhesive crystal
• White pencil crayon, pencil and scissors
• Craft glue, low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks
• Toothpick
• Small suction cup
Bat template

Check out a larger image of the bat window decoration here.

To make:
1. Download and print templates; cut out.

2. Using white pencil crayon, trace templates for bat wing/body, body support and bat face onto wrong side of purple craft foam. Trace templates for bat silhouette and back support onto wrong side of black craft foam. Using scissors, cut out.

3. Using small amount of craft glue, adhere body support to wrong side of bat chest. Apply additional craft glue to wrong side of purple wings and body; adhere to right side of black bat wings, pressing into place.

4. Adhering each piece with small amount of craft glue, assemble bat face. Position lower jaw on bat’s face. Place purple face on black bat face, slightly overlapping ears as shown and placing face so bottom of face overlaps top of lower jaw slightly. Add cheek piece, placing on top of lower jaw, beside face. ( See photo.)

5. Apply glue to back of googly eyes with toothpick; place eyes on face as shown. Glue sequins to tops of wings and self-adhesive crystal to middle of chest.

6. With hot glue, affix top quarter of bat support to mirror, placing support at bottom left side of mirror. Support should hang off mirror, on a 45 degree angle. With glue gun, apply a small amount of glue behind bat's neck and to left edge of bat's upper wing; adhere wing to edge of mirror and neck to mirror, ensuring that back support is hidden behind bat body. Allow right wing to float free.

7. With glue gun, affix base of suction cup to back of mirror. Let dry.

Apply suction cup to window or mirror.

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DIY & Crafts

Spooky Halloween window decoration