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Sweet treats

Sweet treats

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Sweet treats

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean your bounty of fresh fruit and veggies has to as well. Turn your harvest into delicious jams or jellies, salsas or sauces, and store them in simple containers with computer-crafted labels. These pretty packages make the perfect gift -- but be sure to save some for yourself.

• Clean, tight-sealing glass jar and lid, such as a Bernardin mason jar
• Colour printer
• Full-sheet sticker paper for ink-jet printer
• Sharp scissors or utility knife
• Ribbon or fabric (optional)

Click here to view larger image.

Step 1
• Measure the size of your jar to determine the height and width of your label.
• Create a new template to those specifications in your photo-editing program.

Step 2
• Choose a pattern for the perimeter of your label.
• Decorate the label by downloading free clip art from a site such as Microsoft Office Online; scanning pretty wrapping paper, greeting cards or wallpaper; or creating your own design.
• Add a text box, pick a fun font and type in the name of your preserves.
Click here to download our wild zebra label.
Click here to download our floral border label.

Step 3
• Now open an 8-1/2 x 11-inch page and copy and paste as many labels as will fit given the dimensions of your image.

Step 4
• Test-print your label on regular paper to verify colour and size.
• If the test looks right, insert sticker paper according to the package directions for your printer.
• Select specialty paper from your printer settings, as well as high or best print quality.
• Also, be sure to print at actual size.

Step 5
• Using scissors or a utility knife, cut out your label, peel off the backing paper and smooth the sticker onto your jar.
• If you're offering the preserves as a gift, attach a matching gift card hung from a pretty piece of raffia or ribbon.

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DIY & Crafts

Sweet treats