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Thanksgiving craft: Whimsical turkey place cards

Thanksgiving craft: Whimsical turkey place cards

Image: Ryan Brook

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Thanksgiving craft: Whimsical turkey place cards

Kids will love making these funny turkey place card holders out of recycled materials.


A fun turkey-shaped place card holder made in seasonal colours will add a bit of whimsy to any Thanksgiving table. If you like, tuck a note of gratitude or small gift of appreciation for each guest inside the cup.

Start collecting yogurt containers a few weeks before Thanksgiving – just make sure they're thoroughly washed and dried before you stash them away.

You need (for each):
1 small (100 g) plastic yogurt container
Brown construction paper
Orange pipe cleaner or chenille stem
Brown and orange feathers
Glitter glue in desired colour(s)
White plastic teaspoon
Red ribbon
Scrap orange felt
2 googly eyes (10 mm/0.39 inches diameter)
Scrap card stock or construction paper
Ruler, pencil and scissors
Craft glue
Sharp darning needle

Take a look at a larger photo of the finished turkey place card holder.

To make:
1. For body: Measure height and circumference of yogurt cup and add 6 mm (1/4 inch) to each measurement; cut strip of brown construction paper to fit measurements. Wrap paper around cup and glue in place, folding edges over bottom of cup to cover edge. Trace bottom of cup onto construction paper and cut out; glue to cup. Let dry.

2. For legs: Gently push darning needle through cup on opposite sides, making two holes. Push pipe cleaner through holes and bend to shape legs and feet.

3. For tail: Trim ends of three feathers and glue to back of cup, alternating colours as shown. Add glitter glue to highlight tail feathers. Let dry.

4. For face: Using scissors, trim rounded end from plastic spoon. Cut triangle orange felt for beak. Tie 15 cm (6-inch) length red ribbon around spoon for wattle. Glue on beak, googly eyes and scrap red ribbon as shown. Glue spoon to front of cup. Let dry.

5. For place cards: From card stock, cut out 4 cm by 5 cm (1 1/2-inch by 2-inch) rectangle; label with name. Tape to underside of beak.

When gluing the beak to the spoon, just apply glue along the top part of the beak, so that you can insert the place card under the beak.


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DIY & Crafts

Thanksgiving craft: Whimsical turkey place cards