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The group quilt

The group quilt


DIY & Crafts

The group quilt

Friendship heart quilt block
You need (for each):
• Piece of printed or plain cotton fabric, 2 x 3 in, for background

• Piece of coordinating printed or plain cotton fabric, approx 2 x 3 in, for heart

• Piece of lightweight paper-backed fusible web, 2 x 3 in

• Embroidery floss in desired colour

• Embellishments such as small buttons, charms or tiny bows (optional)

• Paper and pencil

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To make:
1. Cut 3 x 5 in piece of paper; with pencil, draw centred heart, leaving a minimum 3/4-in border around the edge.

2. Lay fusible web, backing side up, on pattern; with pencil, trace pattern. Place on wrong side of heart fabric, aligning top and bottom point of heart with fabric grain. Fuse, following manufacturer's instructions. Cut out along pencilled lines, then peel off backing. Centre heart, web down, onto right side of background; fuse in place.

3. Using 2 of floss, blanket-stitch around edge of heart.

4. If desired, stitch on embellishments.

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DIY & Crafts

The group quilt